Top 10 Halloween Makeup Looks By Michelle Phan

We are huge fans of Michelle Phan, the YouTube beauty community’s mother. And since Halloween is coming up real soon, we consolidated ten different looks that Michelle has created over the years for your inspiration this year!

#1 Zombie Barbie

Michelle Phan Zombie Barbie
Photo Credit: “Zombie Barbie” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Notice how detailed and realistic this looks? This look is really simple to re-create! Simply use thin layers of tissue papers and stick them onto your skin (anywhere!) using liquid latex. Once you’re satisfied with the thickness, wait for it to dry up and then apply a generous amount of foundation over to create your “fake” skin.
For the full tutorial, watch it here.

#2 Seductive Vampire

Michelle Phan Seductive Vampire
Photo Credit: “Seductive Vampire” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

This is one of our favourite Halloween looks by Mish. If you are a huge fan of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries or all things vamp-related, you will love this look!
Watch the tutorial here.

#3 Black Swan

Michelle Phan Black Swan
Photo Credit: “Black Swan Makeup” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Inspired by The Black Swan film (played by Natalie Portman), the Black Swan is one of the most underrated and hauntingly beautiful film characters.
Check out Natalie Portman in The Black Swan:

Black Swan
Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight via Variety

Notice how detailed the strokes of the feathery eye makeup are?
Check out the full tutorial here!

#4 Barbie Girl

Michelle Phan Barbie Girl
Photo Credit: “Barbie Transformation Tutorial” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Not intending to be a scary zombie or a haunting vampire for Halloween? No worries! You can always turn into the pretty and perfect Barbie doll!
Watch the tutorial here.

#5 Gothic Lolita Doll

Michelle Phan Gothic Lolita Doll
Photo Credit: “Gothic Lolita Doll” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

We are creeped out by those gigantic doll eyes! 100 points for the scare, Mish! Watch the tutorial here.

#6 Skeleton

Michelle Phan Skeleton
Photo Credit: Skeleton Makeup : Watchers of The Night” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

If you have no idea what to dress up as but still want to go all out for Halloween, this look is for you. All you need is face paint, a few eyeshadows, and voila!
Check the tutorial out here.

#7 Sugar Skull

Michelle Phan Sugar Skull
Photo Credit: “The Beautiful Death” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Inspired by the sugar skulls of the Mexican Holiday called “La Buella Muerte” which means “Day Of The Dead”, this look is mysteriously fascinating. Don’t you love how those eyes would peek out hauntingly at night? Check out the tutorial here.

#9 Zombie Audrey Hepburn

Michelle Phan Zombie Audrey Hepburn
Photo Credit: “Breakfast At Zombie’s” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Audrey Hepburn was one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses. Michelle has recreated zombie version of her, and we think it’s super cool.
Check out the tutorial here.

#9 Rize (featuring Kaneki)

Michelle Phan Tokyo Ghoul Rize
Photo Credit: “☣ Rize: Tokyo Ghoul Collab w/ Glam&Gore and Jkissa” by Michelle Phan
via YouTube

If you are an otaku, you know this look. Yes, that’s right. This is Kaneki and Rize from Tokyo Ghoul. In collaboration with Glam&Gore and Jkissa, they recreated these ghoulish looks to perfection! 100 points for you, otakus! Watch the collab here!

#10 Koān

Michelle Phan Sailor Moon Koan
Photo Credit: “☾ Sailor Moon: Kōan ✧ Black Moon Clan Collab” by Michelle Phan via YouTube

Another one for the anime fans, this is Koān from the Black Moon Clan in Sailor Moon. This is definitely also one of our favourite Halloween looks by Michelle. In collaboration with IAMKARENO, Jkissa, Chrisspy and Desi Perkins, they really do form the perfect Black Moon Clan.

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📸 Featured Images: US Weekly, YouTube

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