12 Plus Size Fashionistas To Follow On Instagram

These plus size women are challenging the notion that being larger limits your fashion choices. If you’re stuck on how to style your clothes or want to try something new, their Instagram accounts will provide the inspiration you need!

1. Vivian Geeyang Kim (@plusmodel)

Vivian is the editor in chief of plus size culture magazine, 66100. Flaunting the message that she is big and beautiful, follow her for inspiration on clothes to make you feel powerful enough to tackle anything.

2. Allison Teng (@curvygirlchic)

If you’re looking for ways to style florals and prints, Allison’s instagram feed is the one you’re looking for. It’s bright and colourful and will show you that you don’t have to shy away from colours and prints.

3. Ratnadevi Manokaran (@sapphiresplendour)

Ratna is badass – she is unapologetically bold and adventurous in her dressing; think neons, animal print and loud colours and she has it all on her feed. She’s also one of the co-founders of Singapore’s plus size retailer, The Curve Cult.

4. Gaga (@helloimgaga)

For all the shorter plus size ladies out there, Gaga will show you how to pull off various styles with ease.

5. Rani Dhaschainey (@ranidhaschainey)

Rani likes to mix things up with her fashion choices – from floral dresses to jeans and crop tops, she’s here to show you that there are multiple ways to style clothes. Rani is also the co-founder of The Curve Cult and spreads the message of body positivity.

6. Naomi Watanabe (@watanabenaomi703)

This plus size comedian sent shock waves throughout Japan when she started the country’s first plus size fashion magazine, La Farfa, bringing much needed media coverage to that neglected segment of women. She also founded plus size retail store PUNYUS and is paving the way to cultivating a more body positive society in Japan.

7. Que Ramli (@rynaque)

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One of the frequently asked questions I get girls: How did I become this confident? Hmm… Well self love is an ongoing journey for everyone. It comes from within then its reflected through the clothes and make up I wear, the people i surround myself with and the way I treat myself. Life's too short to hate yourself and the body you live in. I remember growing up and avoiding full length mirrors in general. Now I look at the full length mirror just before I leave my house and I tell myself, "Oooh, nice ass…." 🤣🤣🤣 I've been teased, mocked, rejected whether it's online, in the face, via text and every experience has made me who I am today. Thick thunder thighs, fishball cheeks, jiggly tummy, bouncy boobs and a boing boing ass, that's what this body is made of. So you think my body isn't your definition of beauty? Well then, move along. You do you and I'll do me. We don't have to be friends! (Your loss anyway 😏) . . #stylebeyondsize #curvesfordays #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizemodel #bodypositivity #bodypositive #fashion #fashionblogger #sgplussize #plussizeasian #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizesingapore #plussizeindo #plussizeindia #plussizepositive #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #fatshion #fatshionista #asianplussize #stylehasnosize #bigandblunt #curvasian #Fashionnovacurve #novababe

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Que just radiates joy all over her feed. She pulls off bright colours, loud prints and lace ensembles and has been one of the advocates of body positivity in Singapore.

8. Bianca Karina (@biancakarina__)

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At the end of spring I set out to find some cute ass summer dresses and came up empty handed. #plussizefashion just doesn’t have as many styles. Fast fashion companies like @fashionnovacurve @forever21plus and @boohoo pedal the same type of urban style that I just can’t even fathom going into a store or mall to bother perusing for that 1 item that may kinda go with my vibe. • Then I discovered @bohemian.traders thanks to @tallulah_moon and may I just say.. Australia may be pricey but they are waves ahead when it comes to inclusive boutique fashion. Most of #bohemiantraders styles go all the way up to a 4XL. Their tag line: For the “modern bohemian.” Dainty and delicate styles with quality fabrics. Despite forking over a large chunk of 💸💸💸 I haven’t felt this pretty in a dress in a while. • Even ask my husband. As soon as I taped my boobies up with @boobytape (another AUS company) and slipped the dress over my head I could not stop smiling and twirling down the hallway. • My review of Bohemian Trader’s Backless Maxi Dress in Russet is now on the blog! • 👉🏽link in bio👈🏽 • 📸 @skyeviewmedia • #psootd #plusblog #psblogger #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #psstyle #asseenonme #forever21plus #sheinstyle #boohoobabe #curves #plusmodelmag #ootd #rockthecrop #plussizeboho #fatshion #fatfashion #effyourbeautystandards #plussizeboho #plussizebohemian #boho #bohemianstyle #modernbohemian

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The bi-racial half-Chinese blogger (her mom is from Singapore!) is effortlessly chic in bohemian looks that are the perfect inspiration for our sunny island climate.

9. Lalaa Misaki (@lalaamisaki)

The parisian blogger and plus size model can pull off everything and anything. Who said size limits your fashion choice? It doesn’t and Lalaa Misaki will show you how to look like a million bucks.

10. Aarti Olivia Dubey (@curvesbecomeher)

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Who loves being on swings? Hands up! 🖐🏽 Being in touch with my inner child in my 30s and taking myself less seriously has meant more laughter, being easily amused and finding more joy. It could not come at a better time. When I feel angry with my body, when I feel isolated from the world. Healing looks different for all of us. I cannot be more tired and bothered right now. But this picture makes me so happy 😀 Still coughing my lungs out, still unable to speak, still pained. But recovering, albeit at my body’s own slow pace. Bronchitis really wears me out and I have to be so mindful with making sure I don’t have an asthma attack so I’m doing everything in my power to make sure the phlegm does not collapse the lungs. I think a flu vaccine is definitely due when I am fully recovered. I am a little worried for my right ear. The ear drum burst back in 2013 and I’ve had tinnitus ever since. And it’s blocked right now, ringing non stop. Hoping that as the infection eases up the ear feels better too. 📸: @ningphotography #psootd #psblogger #effyourbeautystandards #spoonie #plussize #chronicillness #igsg #woc #innerchild #healing #growthmindset #laughter #bodypositive #curvesbecomeher #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #bodyneutrality

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The Singaporean blogger has been writing and posting looks since 2012. From casual outfits to date-night get ups and even swimsuits, Aarti is playful and has fun with her outfits. She is also honest and open about the problems plus size women face.

11. Irene Permatasari Tanudibroto (@reneetan_)

Irene is a curvy model and fashion influencer from Indonesia. Her feed will make you want to plan your next getaway immediately, but at least you’ll already know how to dress to look fabulous on that trip.

12. Momo (@pochami1219)

The model for Japan’s plus size magazine La Farfa is incredibly cute; her outfits are simple, cute and feminine – three words that sum up the Japanese aesthetic.

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