Popular Chinese Actress Zanilia Zhao Teams Up With Wang Yi Bo For First Drama Since Hiatus

After a long hiatus, popular Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (θ΅΅δΈ½ι’–) is finally ready to hit the small screen! πŸŽ‰

It is confirmed that Zanilia will be teaming up with Wang Yi Bo (ηŽ‹δΈ€εš), an actor whose popularity skyrocketed after starring in the recent web drama The Untamed (ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€), for Legend of Fei (ζœ‰ηΏ‘).

An official Weibo account for Legend of Fei was set up recently with the first message: “Hello Zhou Fei, @θ΅΅δΈ½ι’–” and “Hello Xie Yun, @ηŽ‹δΈ€εš”
Both actors responded eagerly with “Yun is here,” and “Zhou Fei has arrived.”

Legend of Fei

Not sure about you but as big fans of both Zanilia and Wang Yi Bo, we are so stoked for this line up! 😍

πŸ“Έ Photo Credit: Weibo, iQiyi, Croton Media

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