4 Places To Pick Up Pole Dancing, The Next Fitness Fad In SG

Following the major success of Hustlers, a movie following a crew of strippers rob wealthy men in New York City, pole dance classes seem to have gain popularity in Sunny Singapore.

If you want to be a pro with the pole like J Lo, scroll along to find out where you can pick up this hot sport!

Hustlers 2019
Photo Credit: IMDb

Jlo Shows Us How To Pole Dance Effortlessly

Just one look at Jennifer Lopez’s sizzling body made us envious of her strength and beauty. The 50 year-old has definitely aged gracefully and it’s clear that Jlo still has what it takes to be a megastar.

She regularly posts videos of herself working out on her Instagram page, occasionally with beau Alex Rodriguez, or “A-Rod”.

However, to prepare for her role in Hustlers, Lopez took intense lessons in mastering the craft. While it may look easy, pole dancing requires a lot of core and upper body strength to pull off looking graceful and effortless.

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Opens September 13th! #hustlersmovie

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Just one look at the trailer and most of us girls would secretly wish we could dance like these girls!

If you’re keen on trying pole dancing in Singapore, there are a few studios where you can go for a trial class at a relatively affordable price.

#1 The Brass Barre

The Brass Barre
Photo Credit: The Brass Barre

Trials for a one-hour introductory class is $15. The Brass Barre also offers classes for:
Pole (Beginner)
Basic pole dances and a short dance choreography
Chair (Beginner)
Basic fundamentals to dancing seductively. Don’t worry! No nudity in class
Splits & Backbends (Beginner)
Flexibility class

#2 SLAP Dance Studio

Slap Dance Studio
Photo Credit: SLAP Dance Studio

Trials for a one-hour introductory class is $12. If pole isn’t your thing, they do offer a one-hour introductory class for lap dance!

Pole (Beginner)
Basic pole dances and a short dance choreography
Chair (Beginner)
Basic fundamentals to dancing seductively. Don’t worry! No nudity in class

#3 Studio Sands

Classes at Studio Sands start from $30/lesson and you get to choose a variety of classes from pole, basic spins and climbs.

#4 PXD Pole Singapore

One of the more affordable classes, PXD Pole Studio offers 90-minute classes at $10/pax. However, do note that you may have to share the pole with another person (max 2).

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friend and head down to your first pole class now! Like this post? Share this with a fellow Hustlers fan and work it, girl!

πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Hustlers, Pinterest

If you are always up for a good sweat, give these work outs a try:

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