How To Remove Your Gel Nails At Home Like A Pro

Girls, desperately need to remove your gelish manicure but have no time to head to a nail salon? Read on to learn how you could remove your manicure at home like a pro!

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You might have experienced this before… You get a cute manicure, and before you know it, it’s been four weeks and your nails need a refill! We sometimes get a little preoccupied with work or just don’t have the time to travel 20 minutes to the salon just to remove the gelish manicure.

All you need is a few simple tools to remove your gelish nails and ideally, a Netflix episode to watch while you do this!

All the tools you need to remove your gel nails. Nail polish remover, base coat, aluminium foil, cotton wool.
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Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Alcohol-based nail polish remover
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Nail files
  4. Aluminum, cut into squares
  5. Cuticle pusher
  6. Cuticle oil
One of the tools you'd need to remove your gel nails: cuticle pusher
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You can purchase almost all items at your local drugstore or even Daiso!

One of the tools you'd need to remove your gel nails: Nail files
Photo Credit: Beautyholics Anonymous

Gently buff the gel using the rough end of the nail file. You only want to break the top layer to allow the nail polish remover to seep through. Repeat for all nails.

One of the tools you'd need to remove your gel nails: Cotton wool
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Use some cuticle oil and carefully apply some around the edges of your nail bed to prep. Grab your cotton balls and soak liberally with nail polish remover.

One of the tools you'd need to remove your gel nails: Aluminium Foil
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Place one cotton ball on each nail and wrap with aluminium foil. Wait 10-15 minutes or until the gel feels soft and starts to fall apart.

Remove the foil and free free to use your cuticle pusher if necessary to break the polish apart. Take your nail file and buff your nails clean.

One of the tools you'd need to remove your gel nails: Nail top coat
Photo Credit: OPI

Once your old polish is fully removed, use a thin layer of top coat or even nail strengthening nail gel. Remember to use cuticle oil to sooth your nail bed too!

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