Ulta Beauty Releases Harry Potter Themed Collection

Ulta Beauty is an American chain of beauty stores, and they are one of the largest beauty retailers. They carry products from many different brands such as Charlotte Tibury, Fenty Beauty and more.

On July 6, Ulta Beauty released a Harry Potter themed makeup collection on their website, featuring the four different Houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Where are all the Potterheads at?

Gryffindor Eyeshadow Palette (S$22.29~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty
Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

The Gryffindor palette features nine different shades: Peach, Autumn, Chocolate Frog, Pure, Passion, Howler, Mandrake, Chestnut and Cocoa. Don’t you think that these are the perfect colours for a fall or autumn look? These shades scream a chilly night seated by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

Get it on the Ulta Beauty website.

Ravenclaw Eyeshadow Palette (S$22.29~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty
Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

If you are a lover of sparkly and icy looks, there’s no way you can miss out on this. Again, this palette also features nine shades: Natural, Fang, Beauxbatons, Hedwig, Pigwidgeon, Ghost, Bark, Pixie and Twilight. In contrast to the Gryffindor palette, the Ravenclaw palette radiates a cool vibe perfect for a winter-cold Christmas season.

Get it on the Ulta Beauty website.

Slytherin Eyeshadow Palette (S$22.29~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty
Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

As a Slytherin, it means to be ambitious, cunning and strong, and we feel that these shades truly live up to these traits. Consisting of Pebble, Fluffy, Moon, Barron, Herb, Elm, Ivy, Toad and Black Lake, this palette is the perfect go-to if you want to look slightly more shrewd, strong and confident. The shades here are slightly darker than the previous two palettes, so if you are all about the darkness, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Get it on the Ulta Beauty website.

Hufflepuff Eyeshadow Palette (S$22.29~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty
Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

If you are patient, loyal and find yourself to be an advocate for justice, then you should identify as a Hufflepuff. In this palette, you will find brighter colours compared to the other three: Sherbert, Sunset, Lumos, Golden Snitch, Galleon, Earth, Honest, Rust and Burrow. If you were wondering, we do quite picture the shades being worn for a beach day. We love how vibrant the yellow is! Afraid that your look would come off too striking? This palette’s got you, you can find slightly darker shades to balance out your eyeshadow look.

Get it on the Ulta Beauty website.

If you were thinking that this collection only has eyeshadow palettes, you are in for a surprise. They also made sure to include lip gloss, brushes, hair accessories, cosmetic bags, lip balm, lip crayon, bath bombs and also nail polish strips! What a treat.

Deathly Hallows Brush Kit (S$34.82~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

Merely looking at this brush kit has got us all excited! We really love the designs of the brushes. The smokey designs on the handles actually remind us a little of the Dementors in the Harry Potter series. If you are not sure what a Dementor is, they are actually dark, gliding creatures that feed on peace, happiness and hope.

This brush kit consists of four different brushes: powder brush, angled blush brush, fluffy crease brush and smudge brush.

Get it on the Ulta Beauty website.

Lip Gloss (S$13.93~)

In this set, you can find four different kinds of lip glosses available for you to choose from: Hedwig, Howler, Platform 9 3/4 and Spectrespecs.

Hedwig Lip Gloss

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

This is a clear gloss with silver shimmer, the perfect top-off for any and every shade of lipstick and lip liner.

Howler Lip Gloss

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

A medium mauve pink, this is perfect to finish off your matte nude or pink lipstick.

Platform 9 3/4

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

Looking for that extra shine with a hint of peach? This peach beige shimmer gloss shall be your go-to.


Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

If you are looking for a gloss to instantly lighten up your lip liner or lipstick underneath, this light pink shimmer has got your back.

Get the lip gloss collection here.

Next up, let’s take a look at the cosmetic bags in this series. Who else loves cosmetic bags? Seriously, we just can’t go anywhere without one in our bag.

Cosmetic Bags (S$22.29~)

Each bag features three main traits of each House. Even if you are not exactly familiar with the traits of each House, it shouldn’t be a problem for you as they are all featured accordingly to their House and colours.

Gryffindor values determination, bravery and courage. Hufflepuff values dedication, loyalty and patience. Slytherin values being cunning, ambition and pride. And lastly, Ravenclaw values wit, wisdom and learning.

Get them here.

House Pride Hair Accessory Set (S$25.07~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

Now, what better accessory to get to show off the pride for your House than these hair accessories? Get this set so you can share the rest with your Potterhead friends.

Get it here.

Bewitching pH Lip Balm (S$13.93~)

Photo Credit: Ulta Beauty

Are you a victim of dry or cracked lips? Don’t worry, us too! Especially when we live in a country where it’s summer all year long. They definitely made sure to back us up with this Bewitching pH Lip Balm. Enriched with coconut oil, aloe leaf extract and Vitamin E for nourishment, this lip balm reacts with your skin’s pH levels to create the perfect shade of colour, exclusive to you and you only! Now, is this sorcery or science? We aren’t too sure about this, but you know, it’s probably sorcery. Oh, and it gives a gorgeous satin finish. How apt.

Get it here.

Lip Crayons (S$13.93~)

We must say… We really like their lip crayons. With four different shades, it’s rather difficult for us to decide on which we like the most.

Take a look at the four shades (from top left to right, bottom left to right): Expecto Patronum (peachy brown nude), Amortentia (mauve pink), Order of The Phoenix (deep wine) and Hogwarts Letters (mauve plum).

These lip crayons give a natural to matte finish, and is lightweight and extremely pigmented. So ladies, take your pick.

Get them here.

Nail Polish Strips

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

If you are obsessed with pretty nails AND the series, showcase your love for them with these sets of nail polish strips.

Body Lotion

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

Who loves body lotions? If you do, you are in for a treat! You can expect to find these body lotions, available in four different scents according to the four Houses as well: Gryffindor (berry vanilla), Hufflepuff (wildflowers), Ravenclaw (cucumber) and Slytherin (rain drops).

Harry Potter Bath Bomb

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

Unleash the magic with the Harry Potter bath bomb! We’re sure it will be one of the most magical experiences, like ever.

Face and Body Shimmer Drops

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

Think your skin could use that extra shine? Don’t miss out on this. Named ‘Lumos’ after the illuminating spell, you can be sure it’ll give you that instant glow.

Harry Potter Pygmy Puff Jelly Blush

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

Who adores Pygmy Puffs? We sure do! Pygmy Puffs are pink and adorable as hell, and this blush will give you the exact same colour as that of one.

Quidditch Face Masks

Photo Credit: Wizarding World

Last but not least, they included four different types of hydrating sheet face masks. Again with the four Houses, the Gryffindor masks contains bamboo charcoal, the Hufflepuff masks infused with lime juice, the Slytherin masks are filled with aloe vera juice and lastly, the Ravenclaw masks have a hint of pomegranate. Take our money, Ulta!

We like how this collection has included a variety of different beauty products, because if you didn’t know, we are all about variety. Isn’t it always better to have a wide selection of products to choose from, rather than being limited to only one or two? For one though, we do like this collection a lot. How about you?

If you know a Potterhead or know someone who would adore this collection, be sure to share this post with them now!

πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Ulta Beauty

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