First Look At 3CE’s Clear Layer Collection

If you are familiar with 3CE, you would know that all of their products usually come in matte, neutral-coloured packaging. This is precisely why we were so shook when they dropped their latest Clear Layer Collection – all their products are now in clear, transparent packaging!

You can find many different products in the 3CE Clear Layer Collection such as blush, eyeshadow palettes, matte lipsticks, a makeup fixer and clear makeup pouches.

3CE Multi Eye Color Palettes

Photo Credit: 3CE

There are two different eyeshadow palettes, “Shot Again” and “Delightful”. Both eyeshadow palettes consist of shimmery shadows that are going to be your best friends if you are all about Korean makeup. If you noticed, these eyeshadow colours bear a resemblance to 3CE’s trademark product colours: brown, orange, peach and pink.

3CE Blush Blushers

Photo Credit: 3CE

The blushes are available in three different shades and can be easily paired with their trademark lipsticks. Check out “Last Time”, “Little More” and “Double Think” now.

Soft Matte Lipsticks

Photo Credit: 3CE

Lipstick is one of the most essential makeup products for any woman. Just take a look at these soft matte lipsticks available in 10 different shades! Now, selecting our favourite is going to be a real dilemma.

The clear packaging further enhances the colours of these lipsticks, and just looking at them makes us obsessed. Have you spotted your favourite?

3CE Shimmer Makeup Fixer

Next up, they have this makeup fixer that is said to ensure your makeup lasts longer throughout the day. The upside of this product? It has a gold shimmer to it, and a pearly finish. Excuse us while we fumble over ourselves to add them to our carts.

3CE Clear Pouches

What’s better than a pouch that can fit your essential makeup products in? A pouch that can fit MORE of your essential makeup products. That’s right ladies, you’ve heard us. They have released two types of pink pouches, Clear Triangle Pouch and Clear Flat Pouch. Of course, if you would like to store thicker products (like the makeup fixer or a foundation bottle), you should opt for the triangle one. The flat pouch is for thinner products such as palettes and lipsticks.

You may purchase the collection here.

So what do you think of the 3CE Clear Layer Collection? For real, we are absolutely in love with it because of how minimalistic the clear packaging made the products look. Less is more, right?

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📸 Featured Image: 3CE

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