Go Retro In Style With 3CE “Neo-Retrolism” Collection

3CE launches retro collection in three colours

South Korean makeup brand 3CE has just dropped another swoon-worthy collection and this one goes out to all the retro-loving girls. Released as part of 3CE’s global 618 (June 18) store promotion on Tmall, the all-new Neo-Retrolism Edition features three retro-inspired lipsticks in the shades Speak Up, Taupe and Daffodil.

3CE's Neo-Retrolism Edition collection in 3 shades: Speak Up, Taupe and Daffodil
Photo Credit: 3CE

Since the collection was revealed, there’s been a huge buzz among makeup lovers with the shade Speak Up garnering the most attention.

Speak Up from 3CE's Neo-Retrolism Edition
Photo Credit: 3CE
3CE's Neo-Retrolism Edition featuring Speak Up, a red pear-like shade
Photo Credit: xiao912 (via RED)

Speak Up: Red that comes with a blue undertone

Said to be inspired by the colour of the red pear, Speak Up is a versatile red that comes with a blue undertone. Lipsticks like this can help to balance out the pink undertones in our skin and also help make our teeth look whiter. If your skin tone is on the fair side, this lipstick would suit you.

As like all other 3CE lip products, the lipstick swatches for the Neo-Retrolism series show that the products are highly pigmented; making it a value-for-money purchase. Another plus point goes to its stylish, retro-style casing that is very much made for the gram.

Close-up of 3CE's retro lipstick in Speak Up
Photo Credit: 113946998 (via RED)

Taupe and Daffodil

Besides Speak Up, the other two beautiful colours include Taupe and Daffodil. Taupe is one of 3CE’s best-selling colours that comes in a burgundy, brick red-like shade. For this retro collection, Taupe comes in a chic yellow casing while Daffodil, a red bean-inspired shade is packed in a sweet dark peach casing.

3CE’s Neo-Retrolism Edition limited collection is now up for pre-orders on the brand’s official Tmall store here with worldwide shipping . The collection will be ready for purchase come June 1.

If you are a fan of quality lipsticks or really, a lady passionate about all-things retro, don’t sleep on this collection!

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: 3CE, 113946998 (via RED)

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