4 Best Airlines For Travelholics To Fly With This Holiday

Have you ever faced difficulties choosing an airline to fly with for your overseas trip? Are you always spending spend hours browsing through websites of different airlines, comparing the flight duration and wonder if the airline seats would be comfortable?

Fret not! In our latest article, we have helped you with the comparisons and came up with the top four airlines you could fly with. Be it for a short two and a half hours flight to Bangkok or a 13 hours flight to London, these airlines are definitely here to provide you with the best comfort.

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#1 Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines
Photo Credit: Arabian Business

If you wish to fly with luxury and experience utmost comfort whilst in the air, Emirates would be the best choice for you!

With free in-flight wifi and in-seat power sockets even for passengers in the economy class, Emirates is here to provide you with an unforgettable flight experience.

After all, it would be a dream to be able to scroll through social media and watch your favourite YouTube videos while on a long flight, right?

On the downside, Emirates is slightly more costly as opposed to other airlines but if youโ€™re in for a long flight, we definitely recommend you to pay the extra fees and buy yourself a comfortable trip! You donโ€™t want to spend 13 hours cooped up in a tiny and cramped seat right?

Book your flight via Emirates here.

#2 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

I believe the majority of you are familiar with this name! Commonly known as ‘SQ’ or basically, one of the biggest prides of Singapore, Singapore Airlines was actually ranked the second best airline worldwide by BusinessInsider, lagging behind Qatar Airways by just a tiny bit. This should provide you with an idea of just how amazing Singapore Airlines is.

Known for their service, the award-winning airlines are best known for the bright smiles of their cabin crew. We are not kidding when we say you will see those smiles from the moment you board your flight to the moment you arrive at your destination!

Plus point: Singapore Airlines provides a wide range of in-flight meals from one cuisine to another. If youโ€™re a foodie like me, you would definitely enjoy what they have to offer ๐Ÿ™‚

Book your flight via Singapore Airlines here.

#3 JetStar Asia AirWays

JetStar Asia AirWays
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Known as one of the best budget flights available, JetStar Asia Airways (JetStar) are made up of fleets of Airbuses and they are here to provide their customers with an affordable alternative to travelling.

Best part? As if the prices of their flights were not already crazy affordable, they are always coming out with seasonal promotions. A flight to Bangkok, our favourite shopping heaven, could easily cost only $78. Do expect the seats to be slightly less spacious as compared to other major airlines, but the good price would definitely make up for it. As loyal fans of JetStar, we would say that it is the perfect airline for short flights.

If you are planning for an overseas trip soon, do remember to lookout for their promotions!

Book your flight via JetStar here now.

#4 Scoot

Photo Credit: Today Online

Tired of your 9-6 job and need a getaway ASAP? Look for Scoot!

One of the most interesting services Scoot provides is called the Escape Class, and it is literally what it is: a chance for you to escape.

How Escape Class works is that you would first have to choose the distance you wish to travel to (you can choose between 5 zones). After that, choose your date, make payment and let Scoot decide your mystery destination! Yes. Mystery. Doesnโ€™t it sound like a perfect way to go on an adventure?

On top of that, Scoot also goes against the norms for of spontaneous trips being expensive. At Scoot, if you book your Escape Class trip within 5 days of departure, you would be offered an unbeatable deal.

Book your flight via Scoot here now.

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