5 Beautiful Red Nail Designs To Spice Up Your CNY Look

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it’s often an occasion to dress up to meet family and friends. Red is often worn during this festive period as a symbol of good luck. If you aren’t the sort of girl who fancies red or brightly colored outfits, why not have some prosperity on your nails instead? Check out our five favorite nail designs!

#1 Classic Deep Red

Opt for a full set of manicured red nails and this will elevate your look to a whole new level. To find the shade of red that suits your skin tone, simply look at your undertones.

Our undertones are generally warm (Yellow/golden), cool (blue, pink, red) or neutral (mix) . Look at the color of your veins in natural light to see what undertone you have. Fair tone ladies will look absolutely gorgeous with reds that carry cool undertones, tanned ladies look elegant and chic in reds with warm tones, making your glowy complexion shine. For those with a deep skin tone, you get to rock any red shade and look stunning, especially with a deep, dark rouge shade.

#2 Ombre Nails

If a full nail of red polish is too overwhelming for you, we suggest going for a ombre of red. This way, you get to embrace your love for dark colors without offending any relatives when you hand them oranges.

# 3 Matte Nails

If you’re looking for reds that aren’t too overpowering, having matte nails will not stand out too much yet still look elegant. Opt for a matte finish instead of your usual glossy topcoat and you’re good to go!

#4 Glitter Nails

The good thing about red nails is that you still feel the festive spirit from not only Chinese New Year but Christmas as well! Sparkle some joy in your life by going full on bling with red glitter nails! You’ll have your family members complimenting you for sure!

#5 CNY-themed Nails

Want to impress your future in-laws and have your cousins fawn over your nails? Why not go all-in and pick a Chinese New Year nail design? You can still opt for a few nails to be in red yet have Chinese-inspired designs as a statement nail.

If you know a girlfriend who wants to glam up her nails this CNY, share this post and get her to do her nails ASAP!

Featured Image: Jessysnailss_ (via Instagram), _thenailscafe (via Instagram)

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