7 Dreamy Nail Arts Inspired By Blue Skies And The Starry Night

Blue is one of our favourite colours ever and it is for a good reason. Besides being the colour of the vast sky or the deep sea, in spirituality, blue is often regarded as a colour or symbol with depth and stability.

It also symbolises trust, loyalty and all the good traits everyone should have: wisdom, confidence, intelligence and honesty.

If you have always loved blue but never knew exactly why, well, now you do! Today, let us take a look at some of these dreamy nail arts inspired by the blue skies and starry nights πŸ’–


Wave of kanagawa nail art, blue waves, blue nails
Photo Credit: Eazy Vibe


Starry night nail art, blue
Photo Credit: @megtannahill (via Instagram)


Waves Nail Art
Photo Credit: @megtannahill (via Instagram)


Starry Skies Nail Art
Photo Credit: Full Fit Wear


Cloud Nail Art
Photo: Cuded


The Starry Night Nail Art
Photo Credit: Jahkizz Nail Artist (via Nail Salon Choice)


Blue Marble Nail Art
Photo Credit: Ilginc Konular

If any of these nail arts caught your eye, make sure you save this post so you could show it to your nail artist the next time you get your nails done.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image:  @megtannahill (via Instagram)

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