5 Signs That Show You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Girls, ever been with a man whom you love dearly but your friends and family have some serious issues with? You might be in a toxic relationship! Check out these five red flags to look out for during the paktor stage to avoid heartache later on!

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1. He doesn’t put in effort

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You find yourself drained as you put in effort in the relationship, giving him handmade gifts, buying him thoughtful items but he barely makes an effort to thank you or do the same.

2. He doesn’t trust you

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He often wants to check your phone messages or you’ve caught him snooping around your phone. He might say he trusts you but his actions don’t show it.

3. He is possessive

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You might want to have a fun girls night out during ladies night but your man insists in joining in. He is skeptical of your friends and often wants you to only spend time with him. However, he has no qualms in meeting his friends for a boys night out without you.

4. He gives off a negative energy

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He isn’t supportive of your achievements and will find ways to put you down. It’s difficult to get a positive reaction out of him and he often hides his negativity as concern for you.

5. Lack of respect to your family and friends

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You take time out of your schedule to meet his friends and family but he avoids meeting yours. Your man finds excuses or when he does meet them, he does not make an effort to engage with them and comes off as rude and disrespectful to your family and friends.

Ladies, don’t ever settle for a man who won’t even cross a river for you! Always stand your ground and identify red flags before moving to the next step with your partner.

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