5 Thai Designer Bag Brands Every Bag Lover Needs To Shop Right Now

If you are one of those ladies who believes in investing in designer bags because they are more “reliable” compared to the $20 bag you see in the market, you are not alone. One of our greatest fears would be our bag straps dying on us or to leave a trail of poor quality leather that has peeled!

We are always looking out for durable and high quality bags with unique designs that will turn heads. If that sounds like you too, read on as we scour through the streets (and alleys) of Thailand to bring you some of the most popular designer bag brands the Land of Smiles offer! 😎

#1 Tallulah

Tallulah is one of the most popular brands in Thailand best known for their croc and snake leather bags. They recently dropped a new “Baby Freya” collection featuring their famous croc leather bags in pastel shades such as Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Baby Mint and more.

Be it a shoulder sling for you to rock on your day offs or an everyday bag that can help you get through work, they’ve got it.

Head over to their Facebook, Instagram to check them out and make purchases!

#2 untitled brand

Yes, this brand may be “untitled” but that’s because they have left all the talking to their designs. Established in 2014, this Bangkok-based designer brand is best known for their marble-inspired bags available exclusively in black and white.

Their famous round clutch and long wallet are now made available on Shopee. If the style speaks to you, support the brand and add it to your shopping cart!

Check out more of their works on Instagram and shop their bags here!

#3 RAW uncommon

Founded in 2012, this Thai designer brand follows a ‘Simplicity with creativity’ philosophy and they have injected that into many of their designs today.

If you are looking for an effortless and timeless bag that can help you get through everything and anything in life, make sure you check them out! We are in love with their leather “Paperbags” and “Pyramids”.

Check out more of their products on Facebook, Instagram and shop their bags here!


This Bangkok-based brand is loved by Thais for their bold yet modern design that aligns with their beliefs that a woman should be confident, unique and not afraid to be herself.

With bags made of high quality microfiber leather as well as real calfskin leather, their best selling bags include the CUBY cross body bag, CEINTURE SAC a’ belt bag and more.

Check out more of their products on Facebook, Instagram and shop their bags here!

#5 White Oak Factory

White Oak Factory was founded by two art school graduates who wanted to create simple and practical bags that could represent modern and young Thai women.

The brand carries many different bag styles. Be it the increasingly trendy fanny pack, an everyday tote bag or a cross body bag, they’ve got it all.

Check out more of their bags on Instagram and shop them here!

After seeing so local Thai brands, which one appealed most to you? Let us know in the comments section so we could know you better!

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Tallulah, @whan.p (via IG)

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