5 Gorgeous Crystal-Themed Nails That Will Give You Good Vibes & Good Energy

Everything on Earth is made up of energy and this includes rocks, gems, and crystals. These ancient minerals are made up of tiny crystals in specific molecular structures that are constantly in motion, hence causing them to emit a vibration or energy unique to them with healing properties.

Though these crystals are usually worn as bracelets or pendants on necklaces, you can wear them on your nails as well. Check out five of our favourites!

#1 Jade Nails

Jade Nails
Photo Credit: @leslie.tries (via Instagram)

Jade symbolises serenity and purity and it is also believed to be a stone that can increase love and nurturing. Jade is also a protective stone that can keep the wearer from harm and bring harmony to their lives. In case you didn’t know, jade was a popular accessory worn by Chinese royals and nobles in the distant past. Who knew it would still be so stylish today?

#2 Emerald Nails

Emerald Nails
Photo Credit: @emilyjanenathan (via Instagram)

Emerald is a stone that enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. When worn, it can keep partnerships in balance. If you ever see someone’s emerald stone change colour, be alert for it is a sign of unfaithfulness!

Emerald is also known to stimulate the heart chakra, with strong healing effects on calming the wearer’s emotions as well as the physical heart.

Don’t you think it is beautiful?

#3 Rose Quartz Nails

Rose Quartz Nails
Photo Credit: @goldentouchsalon (via Instagram)

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love so if you are a hopeless romantic, try out this nail art!

Rose quartz are loved for its ability to restore trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.Our favourite thing about rose quartz is also its strong healing properties that can calm you down and make you feel at peace.

#4 Geode Nails

Geode Nails
Photo Credit: @domblackfilenails (via Instagram)

Geodes are powerful stones that can help the user balance his or her moods and energies, relieving stress.

We are in love with how pretty it looks too, especially as a nail art!

#5 Amethyst Geode Nails

Amethyst Geode Nails
Photo Credit: @nailthoughts (via Instagram)

Another Geode nailspo we love and can’t get enough of. Amethyst geode crystals are natural tranquilisers so if you are someone who struggles with anxiety, stress or fluctuating mood swings, carry an amethyst geode stone with you or paint it on your nails!

What do you think of these five crystals-inspired nail designs? Yay or nay?

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