8 Luxury Sneakers You Must Cop In 2020

Ever seen luxury sneakers that make you go all heart-eyes that you just have to get it right there and then? If you’re looking for the latest sneakers in trend, you have come to the right place. These sneakers are the hottest ones this year and we promise that once you lay your eyes on them, you will fumble over yourself and add them to your cart.

#1 Walk’n’Dior (SGD 1,342~)

If you are a fan of floral designs, you are going to love this. Embellished with cotton embroidery of Rosa Mutabilis on a cream-coloured canvas, the Walk’n’Dior is one step closer to becoming a classic. We love how the designs stand out without being too overpowering! You will be able to find the Christian Dior signature on its tongues, soles and laces.

Photo Credit: DIOR
Photo Credit: DIOR

You can purchase the Walk’n’Dior at a DIOR store here.

#2 CHANEL’s Velvet Calfskin & Mixed Fibers (SGD 1,370)

The moment we caught sight of this pair, an epiphany came to us. Seriously. CHANEL is doing everything right with this one. With trainers being the new casual shoes of this day, this is definitely a steal. Wearing it for a casual day out? Check. Wearing it for sports? Check. Want to look chic while doing sports? Mega check! How convenient is that? The Velvet Calfskin & Mixed Fibers sneakers are available in ivory and black, but let’s just admit that it is going to be a tough choice.

Photo Credit: CHANEL

Having trouble deciding between the two? If you are going for a sleeker look, we suggest getting the black. On the other hand, if you prefer to look more posh, then go for the ivory. Fret not, it will still be a win for you either way.

#3 R13 High Top Skate Platform Sneaker in Ecru Twill/Suede (SGD 1,616~)

If you haven’t heard of R13, you are missing out a little. R13 is an American luxury denim-driven brand, with its designs heavily influenced by classic American style. Made in Italy, this pair you are looking at right now is their latest suede High Top Skate Platforms Sneakers that has a padded collar, checkered laces, a zip at the back and the R13 logo tabs at the sides.

Photo Credit: FORWARD by Elyse Walker

If you are lacking in the height department like us or simply love to wear platforms, be sure not to miss out on this one. The minimalistic yet chic overall appearance of the platform sneakers truly portrays the traditions they are so heavily influenced by.

Photo Credit: FORWARD by Elyse Walker

#4 Versace’s Cross Chainer Baroque Sneakers (SGD 826~)

Versace has always been known for its glamorous statement designs, and this pair of sneakers just screams Versace all over. What makes the Black Cross Chainer Baroque Sneakers so unique is that although the colours of the designs are a rich gold with some white dottings, the black actually manages to tone the overall appearance down without stripping away its grandeur.

Photo Credit: Versace

If you want heads to turn for you from across the street, these hot pink ones are going to be your babies.

Photo Credit: Versace

#5 Miu Miu’s Patent Leather Sneakers (SGD 1,111~)

These might not catch your eye at first glance, but stare at it for another second and you will find that there is more than meets the eye. The Patent Leather Sneakers have a plain white leather outlook, but when it comes to the back of the soles, you can find several synthetic crystals that will be sure to surprise anyone who walks past you. Need more colours in your wardrobe? The sneakers are also available in powder pink and black.

Photo Credit: Miu Miu

If you are used to dressing in monochrome but want to throw in some colour to your outfit, the powder pink is the perfect colour choice.

Photo Credit: Miu Miu

More towards the cool, sleek look? Naturally, the black would be the best choice.

Photo Credit: Miu Miu

#6 Balenciaga’s Triple S Clear Sole Sneakers (SGD 1,425~)

You either love them or hate them. There is no in between. It doesn’t really matter which end of the spectrum you are on, this is one we have to put on the list because of how highly raved it is among those who actually love them. Available in white with pink accents and black with a pop of green in the soles.

Photo Credit: Balenciaga
Photo Credit: Balenciaga

#7 Alexander McQUEEN’s Oversized Sneakers (SGD 780~)

Looking for something that is not too over-the-top? With the concept just a little similar to the Patent Leather Shoes by Miu Miu, the Alexander McQUEEN’s Oversized Sneakers also have the perfect balance between minimalism and appeal. It is a white leather lace-up with transparent oversized sole and a small iridescent fabrication at the back. It may look plain at first, but when worn, you will be able to capture the attention of people with the constant reflection of light around your heels.

Photo Credit: Alexander McQUEEN

Check out the soles of the Oversized Sneakers! They bear the signature stamp design of the brand as well.

Photo Credit: Alexander McQUEEN

#8 Alexander McQUEEN’s Oversized Holographic-Effect Sneakers (SGD 580~)

These multi-coloured sneakers, made from leather with a holographic, are your secret to get all eyes on you. If you are looking for something that will really change up your entire outfit, these are the ones to throw on. Yes, we mean it. Imagine these with a white blouse and light denim jeans. We promise people would catch sight of your sneakers even before seeing you.

Photo Credit: Farfetch

We think holographic designs are so eccentric. They are so colourful but at the same time, you don’t have to worry about coming off too bold. So cool!

Photo Credit: Farfetch

There you have it, the list of the top eight luxury sneakers we think that you should grab right now. Like… right now.

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 πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Pinterest, DIOR

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