9 Animal-Inspired AirPods Pro Cases Under S$10

Apple debuted its 3rd generation of AirPods in October 2019. The Airpods Pro looks similar to the original AirPods but feature a wider front because of the new silicone tips. The charging case is designed wider horizontally to house the new AirPods Pro.

If you’re one of the proud owners of the latest gadgets in the season, here are 9 animal-inspired cases to jazz up your Apple AirPods Pro.

#1 Corgi Butt

Perfect for doggo lovers and have those with an obsession with Corgi’s perky butt, this case is for you.

Get it here for $7.14.

#2 Pepe The Frog

You’ve probably seen Pepe the Frog in various memes. If you love this meme lord or a green anthropomorphic frog, then this is the perfect case for you.

Get it here for $3.78.

#3 Cat’s Paw

You have probably gained a cat’s trust if they let you squeeze their paw pads. Now you can squeeze this case 24/7 – trust building not required. 😜

Get it here for $3.40

#4 Killer Whale

This killer whale case gives off a fierce and tough character for those who prefer something on the less cuter side.

Get it here for $6.34

#5 Whale

If the killer whale is not your thing, you can opt for its friendly blue whale cousin.

Get it here for $6.34

#6 Clownfish

We found Nemo! Also part of the ocean family, the smaller in size clownfish or Nemo as most would recognise will love this case. Bloop bloop~

Get it here for $6.34

#7 Pink Piggy

Love pink or you can relate to the lazy characteristic of the pig? It also comes with a carabiner to clip on your bag so you don’t lose it.

Get it here for $7.14

#8 Duck

One of the cutest case in this list. This duck case has cute details like huge round eye and pouty lips that pop out.

Get it here for $7.55

#9 Fortune Cat

The Maneki-neko is a common Japanese and Chinese figurine to bring luck and good fortune. Other than the auspicious beliefs, look how kawaii and peaceful the cat it.

Get it here for $4.38

Which design do you like best? We are obsessed with #2 Pepe the Frog cause memes for lyfe right?

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📸Featured image: ezbuy, Shopee

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