First Look At Apple AirPods 3 Renders, Rumoured Specs And Release Date!

While there is no official release date yet, Apple mentioned in March 2019 that the Gen 3 AirPods would be released in the last quarter of 2019 which means it’s anytime now.

Peter aka @PhoneIndustry_ (on Twitter), a computer-aided designer (CAD) has come up with a series of rendered images of what the rumoured AirPods 3 is set to look like based on the following leaked features:

✨ Improved audio
✨ Noise cancellation features
✨ Personal assistance (e.g. Voice recognition)

Photo Credits: @phoneindustry_ (via Twitter)

Peter’s rendered images of past tech products have always been widely shared across the internet and Apple is one of the proud sharers. 👀 What do you think of the new design?

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Featured Image: @phoneindustry_ (via Twitter)

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