Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 5, Including The New Hermès Straps

Everyone’s talking about the new iPhone 11 but it is time to put the spotlight on the all-new Apple Watch Series 5.

During the iPhone 11 launch event on Sept 10, Apple released a couple of updated gadgets including the Apple Watch Series 5. While the rest of the internet were busy sharing memes of the new iPhone 11, tech gurus were busy reviewing the new watch and my, it is one to watch.

Apple Watch Series 5
Photo Credit: Apple

One may wonder what else Apple can bring to the table since the Series 5 predecessor is already near “perfection”, with IDC proving that it is the world’s best selling smart watch with over 4.7 million shipments in 2018 alone.

This time, the Series 5 has taken notes from existing smartwatches in the market that #fitspos would love! The upgrade includes functions that will focus on user fitness, biometrics and health research. In the latest update, there are Activity Rings installed that can track your progress and inspire you to MOVE IT!

Oh, it also comes with an 18-hour battery life similar to its past models with an always-on display (as long as it’s on your wrist)!

Apple Watch Series 5
Photo Credit: Apple

With that being said, this also means that if you are not really into fitness or working out and just need a regular smart watch to walk you through life, you can simply stick to the Apple Watch Series 4. 🤔

Apart from the specs, as suckers for fashion we definitely have to take the style aspect into consideration. We are not disappointed, though.

Apple has renewed its collaboration with Nike and luxury fashion house Hermès for another series of dope watch straps and damn, they are chic.

Here’s a look at some of the exclusive Hermès watch straps you can style your Apple Watch Series 5 with!

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès Watch Straps
Photo Credit: Apple
Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès watch straps
Photo Credit: Apple

Preview the Apple Watch Series 5 here and play around with the brand new cases and straps. Prices start at $599 for sport bands, $1019 for the Milanese loop and $1979 for the Hermès double tour.

What do you think of the new Apple Watch Series 5? Yay or nay? 🤔

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