Japanese Boyband Arashi To Visit Singapore For The First Time On 10 Nov

Japanese boyband Arashi (which stands for “Storm” in Japanese) created a literal storm online by announcing on Sunday, 3 November, on a YouTube livestream that they would be visiting Singapore the following Sunday, 10 November. The announcement came on the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut single.

This visit is part of a tour titled Jet Storm, in which they will be visiting Jakarta, Bangkok, Taipei and Singapore via private jet. This is expected to be similar to the 2006 Jet Storm promotional tour in which they visited South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand in a day to meet fans and drum up publicity for their Arashi Around Asia concert tour.

While there is no news yet regarding the location and timing of their stop in Singapore on Sunday, fans are waiting eagerly and anticipating the announcement of another Asian tour with Singapore being a possible stop.

Qwendolyn Lee, 32, a fan of the group for 11 years, shared that “It’s like a dream come true, I’m so excited that Arashi is finally coming to Singapore!” As she was never able to get a ticket to see them perform in Japan (tickets are reserved only for fanclub members and notoriously difficult to attain even if you are one), she added, “I hope they have a concert here, I’ve been waiting so long to see them in person!”

It would be the first time Arashi would be performing in Singapore, and only the second time the group performs in Asia.

The group which debuted in 1999, is the first group managed under Johnny & Associates that has an online presence. The agency is known for having strict regulations over any online presence their groups or talents have, with even online magazine previews or images featuring any of their artists being blacked out.

The creation of official social media channels for Arashi is an unprecedented move for the agency, but something which is proving to be a big success. Arashi’s official YouTube channel, opened in October 2019, has over 2 million subscribers and the music video for their latest single, “Turning Up”, has amassed 3.6 million views in less than 24 hours. Similarly, their official Instagram account has 1.8 million followers and there are over 720,000 likes and over 37,000 comments on their first post. The group’s music is also available on music streaming service Spotify and they also have official accounts on Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook and Weibo.

arashi posing with different regional languages

Photo credit: Arashi (via IG)

This follows news of the group’s indefinite hiatus announced in January this year after their leader, Satoshi Ohno, 38, stated that he wanted to take a break from the entertainment industry to pursue other interests.

With the group now having a social media presence, international fans finally have the ability to stay connected to the group and enjoy their music. Unlike previously when everything was exclusively only available in Japan, this move is a step in the right direction for Johnny & Associates, which is known for being a monopoly for boybands in the Japanese entertainment industry. If successful, this could pave the way for more of their groups to have their own official social media presence and possible international tours.

Arashi has already created a storm online, it just remains to be seen if they will bring the storm to our shores.

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📸Featured image: Arashi (via FB)

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