Belinda Lee Bids An Emotional Farewell To Pet Dog After Its Long Fight With Cancer

On September 12, local actress and TV host Belinda Lee shared an emotional tribute on Instagram to Man Man, her pet dog who passed on after a long fight with cancer.

In her tribute to Man Man, Belinda said:

“I’m trying my hardest to deal and get through life without you. Though it was extremely painful to say goodbye, I know we will meet again in heaven. People say that you are so blessed to have found me. I would say that I’m incredibly blessed to have found you. Thank you for loving me more than you loved yourself.”

“I am eternally grateful that I was able to know and love such an amazing angel like you. Even though we are no longer physically together anymore, you will forever remain in my heart and soul. Till we meet again , my guardian angel, 满满! “

In a separate Instagram post on August 13, Lee shared a series of photos detailing Man Man’s acupuncture sessions and further shed light on how her focus was not about prolonging Man Man’s life but ensuring that she lived well.

Instead of making Man Man go through chemotherapy, Belinda said she chose to bring Man Man for acupuncture treatments to help her cope with the pain from her cancer. It is said that Man Man “sprung back to life and started running around the house like a super energetic puppy” after her second acupuncture session, despite this being a mere two weeks from her major surgery.

In the same post, Belinda also emphasised that this doesn’t mean Man Man is cured from cancer. She just wanted to give her pet dog a better way to spend her remaining time on Earth.

Belinda has documented many of her adventures with Man Man on Instagram. Be it their walks together or the times Man Man followed her to work, we can see many of these treasured moments on her feed, including the emotional post she shared when she first adopted Man Man in an animal shelter in October 2016.

According to Belinda, Man Man is a Japanese Spitz who lived in a breeding farm and was used for breeding for at least seven years. She spent most of her earlier years living, eating, sleeping (and even peeing) in a small cage until she was abandoned and found a place at the pet shelter.

When Man Man first went home with Belinda, she was afraid to go out for walks as she has never been exposed to the world outside. It was also her meek temperament that drew Belinda to the pet dog she has since treated as her best friend.

“She was the only one that did not fight for my attention when I visited the pet shelter. She was just happy being physically close to a human being. Contentment and a desire for security was what I saw in her eyes. Decided to name her 满满 which means abundance. I hope I will be able to provide her with an abundance of love , patience and security. And I know she will bring an abundance of joy, laughter and blessings to my family too! 满满的幸福!满满的正能量!🐶❤️ #adoptdontshop#领养代替购买#lovethemandtheywillloveyoumore🐶#voicesforanimals#满满🐶

Losing a pet is akin to losing a family member or our best friend and it is the kind of pain that knows no bounds. While it is sad to see Man Man go, we trust that Belinda has given her the best life she never knew she could have. Run free now, Man Man, and rest in peace. 🐶❤️

📸 Featured Image: Belinda Lee (via Instagram)

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