Benefit Cosmetics Launches Jumbo-Sized ‘Gimme Brow’ Eyebrow Gel

Thick and bushy “natural-looking” eyebrows have long been a trend now and as a matter of fact, Benefit Cosmetics has always been known for their amazing brow products and guess what? They have officially launched a newer version of their popular ‘Gimme Brow’ eyebrow gel in double its original size!

The limited-edition brow gel is a volumising brow gel that promises to tame and tint your eyebrows, and the tiny tapered brush is the mess-proof key to making your brows appear more natural. This brow gel is water-resistant and is suitable for longwear. Plus point: It’s extremely buildable.

The jumbo-sized brow gel is available in three shades (two, three and five) and has twice the amount of gel as the original. And if you are about numbers, it weighs six grams, as compared to the original one at three grams.

Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (via Sephora)

Take a look at a swatch of the brow gel. Notice how it looks so natural? We have the tiny microfibres of the brush to thank.

Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (via Sephora)

Want to see the size differences of the Mini, Original and Jumbo? The jumob-sized one is seriously… wow.

Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

Gone are the days of dark Sharpie eyebrows, ladies. Benefit is here to save the day.

Tick tock, ladies. It’s limited edition. You can shop the product on Sephora here for S$68.

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📸 Featured Image: Editional Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics

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