Best Coloured Contact Lenses For Ladies With Brown Eyes

Contact lens first came about as an alternative to wearing spectacles. Today, it has become a fashion statement that even those with perfect vision are rocking. The beauty of it is that it can help us get larger-looking eyes, lift up our whole look and of course, leave an impression.

In this article, we check out the some of the most popular coloured contact lenses from popular brand OLENS. Whether you have dark brown or light brown eyes, we hope you find a good fit that complements you!

Scandi Aqua

Photo Credit: OLENS

Ever wondered how you’d look like with blue eyes? Experience it for yourself with OLENS’ Scandi Aqua. This dreamy pair has a 14.2mm diameter and has a gold rim in the middle that helps create a soft blend between our pupils.

Pair it with neutral or cool-coloured eye makeup to recreate the perfect look!

Get it here for US$29 (S$40~).

Secriss 3Con Coral Grey

This tri-coloured pair comes in a light, natural-looking grey that seems to have some sparkling properties. If you are looking for a pair that is suitable for everyday wear, give this a try! Similar to the Scandi Aqua we shared earlier, this pair also comes with a gold rim in the middle that helps to create a natural gradient-like effect against your pupils.

Get it here for US$21 (~S$29).

Russian Green

Photo Credit: OLENS

Russian Velvet is one of OLENS’ best-selling series. While exploring the collecgtion, a colour that really stood out for us is the Russian Velvet Green. This light green lens comes with a soft yellow-tone and a muted red rim in the middle that can create a natural blend between our pupils.

We love the exotic and alluring feels this pair exudes. Ladies with light brown eyes will definitely love how this pair complements their eyes!

Check it out here for US$24 (~S$33).

Limited Edition OLENS Welcome Kit

Photo Credit: OLENS

OLENS is giving away a limited edition special welcome kit for new members (sign up for free!).

Simply choose your preferred box of 1-day lens (comes up 20 pair of lenses) and receive three pairs of 1-day lens samples for free (random selection).

Find out more about the limited edition welcome kit here.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: OLENS

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