Bosco Wong Reveals Top 3 Criteria His Girlfriend Must Meet, Including Giving Him Freedom

39-year-old Bosco Wong is a ‘diamond bachelor’ at the peak of his career. Besides running a popular restaurant, his latest crime thriller drama Flying Tigers 2 (飛虎之雷霆極戰) has also enjoyed a successful run.

Photo Credit: Bosco Wong (via IG)

However, many can’t help but wonder why he is still single. When asked about his relationship status by the Hong Kong media, Wong expressed that he does not see a need to settle down or have children anytime soon.

3 Golden Criteria His Girlfriend Must Meet

Sharing more about what he looks for in a girlfriend, Wong revealed that there are three golden criteria she must agree to. They are:

  1. She must understand that his friends are his priority and she cannot be too clingy.
  2. She cannot expect him to report his whereabouts.
  3. She must not get jealous, angry or question him over rumours or gossips involving him.

History of Short-lived Relationships

After his 7-year relationship with Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu ended in 2012, Wong had been in a few other relationships though none of them really lasted long. To name a few, he has dated Hong Kong model Vanessa Yeung and Japanese model Jun.

With the paparazzi always on his tail, rumours and gossips surrounding Bosco is endless and he has also been linked to a few other female celebrities.

Photo Credit: Bosco Wong (via IG)

Judging from the three golden criteria, it is clear that Wong is a guy who needs a lot of freedom. We do agree that he probably will not settle down anytime soon unless he really meets ‘the one’. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Featured Image: Bosco Wong (via IG), Hong Kong Economic Times

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