5 Room Decor From Ezbuy Under $15 That Will Up Your Room Game

Have you ever scrolled through posts on Tumblr or Pinterest and envied those people with super IG-worthy bedrooms?

Always wanted a more visually appealing room but worried about the costs and damage it’d do to your wallet? No worries, ladies. You are on the right page!

In our latest article we bring to you 5 room decor pieces from ezbuy that under S$15 that can help you up your room game instantly. Scroll along for our top picks!

#1 Donut cushions

Housewife lying on donut cushions
Photo credit: Ezbuy

How adorable are these cushions?! If you are into cute stuff and want to add a pop of colours to your room, these cushions would be perfect for you. Besides the cute factor, these donut cushions are extremely useful too!

If you’re always spending long hours in front of your desk, these ‘donuts’ can serve as a snuggly backrest or seat cushion. Alternatively, you could use them as pillows or a mini bolster as well.

Price: $4.40

You can get your donut cushions here.

#2 Fluffy rug

Room with queen size bed and fluffy rugs
Photo credit: Ezbuy

These fluffy rugs are the perfect addition to your room if you want it to be extra cozy. With 10 colours to choose from, you’re bound to find one to your liking. Do get the white ones if you’re working towards a minimalist and classy room.

Price: $10.80

You can get your fluffy rugs here.

#3 Marble clock

Marble clock on the wall with plotted plant and books as decorations
Photo credit: Ezbuy

What better way to zeng your room than adding a timepiece to your walls? These marble clocks are classy, minimalist and stylish.

Adding one of these to your plain walls would definitely lift your room vibes. Hesitate no more!

Price: $12.80

You can get your marble clock here.

#4 Heart-shaped photo rack

heart shaped rack for hanging photos and fairy lights
Photo credit: Ezbuy

If you’re a lady who loves putting up polaroids taken with your friends or significant other, this frame would be perfect for you. Spice it up with some fairy lights and you’d have the perfect Instagram backdrop or set-up in your room!

Price: $5.40

You can get your heart-shaped photo rack here.

#5 Marble tray

marble tray holding clip and watch
Photo credit: Ezbuy

These trays look simple yet elegant, and are no doubt one of the most ideal additions you could add to your desk. You can use them to store and organize accessories or even loose coins.

You can even use these trays as a base for other decors such as mini potted plants!

Price: $7.02 (Small), $10.53 (Large)

You can get your marble trays here.

What do you think of these room decors? We hope they inspired you. If you find any of these items useful, share this post with a friend now and inspire their next room makeover!

πŸ“Έ Featured image: Pinterest, Tumblr

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