Taiwan Bubble Tea Chun Yang Tea Opens In Singapore

Bubble tea fans unite! It’s time to head down to Jewel Changi Airport to try out the latest bubble tea, Chun Yang Tea(春陽茶事) in Singapore! It’s safe to say, bubble tea is here to stay.

Photo Credit: Chun Yang Tea

Singapore has welcomed another bubble tea franchise, much to the delight of all bubble tea fans! The company recently opened its doors at Jewel Changi Airport. Chun Yang Tea (春陽茶事) hails from Taiwan and is an established brand known for bringing traditional tea recipes and modern tea drinks together to form one delicious cup of bubble tea goodness.

Photo Credit: Chun Yang Tea

Fun fact: The term ‘Chun Yang’ originates from a village in Ren’Ai and specialises in cultivating tea leaves for the masses all around the world.

Unlike the others, Chun Yang Tea is famous for using only fresh ingredients. This means you can be assured that real tea leaves and fresh milk is used for each respective drinks. Each taste of the drink harbours an intense refreshing reaction that only fresh ingredients can provide.  Yum!

Some flavours we saw on the Singapore menu includes the refreshing Lemon Oolong Tea with Aiyu Jelly and Brown Sugar Pearl with Fresh Milk.

If you’re keen to try out their teas with a traditional taste, they offer a range from Smoked Plum Drink to Honey Osmanthus Oolong Tea.

Chun Yang Tea (春陽茶事)
⏰ 10AM – 10PM
📍 #03-207 , Jewel Changi Airport

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Featured Image: Chun Yang Tea (via IG)

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