Crayon Shin-chan Taiwanese Voice Actor Passes Away

Jiang Du Hui, the voice of Crayon Shinchan has passed away from cervical cancer on 16 September 2019 in the morning, at the age of 49 years old.

Jiang Du Hui is best known for the voice behind classic comic characters such as Crayon Shinchan, Detective Conan, and Naruto.

A Facebook fan group account “VOICES 音伉网 (music network)” posted a message dedicated to Jiang Du Hui: “One of the best voice actors, Jiang Du Hui has left us this morning, we will always miss you, may you leave in peace, may your family and friends find peace.” Many fans were in shock of the sudden news.

Voices Facebook Post
Photo Credit: VOICES音伉网
(Post has been deleted)

Taiwan Media also found out that Jiang Du Hui last updated her personal Facebook account display picture with her completely shaved head in June 2019.
Her close friends commented and showed concern about her condition on Facebook. However, Jiang Du Hui put up a strong front and told her friends “Don’t worry, just give me your blessing”.

Jiang Du Hui Facebook Display Picture
Photo Credit: Sohu

Taiwan Media also mentioned Jiang Du Hui’s family and friends are aware that she is fighting against the disease, “Unfortunately, she has lost the battle against the disease at the age of 49 years old, leaving the fans filled with sorrow”.

Jiang Du Hui’s family is currently dealing with the aftermath, hoping to keep it low-key and the funeral ceremony will not be announced to the public.

Video Credit: 康熙來了

Thank you for dubbing Crayon Shinchan for the past 15 years. Your voice will always remain in our heart. May you rest in peace 💖

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