Cute Pimple Patches That Will Ease Your Acne Recovery Period And Make You Feel Good

It is never a good feeling to wake up to a new zit. Especially not when you have an important day ahead with important people to meet. While makeup can help to conceal pimples, they cannot heal them.

Popping or squeezing of acnes have long been considered a taboo as the act can inevitably leave a scar. Besides skincare products such as masks or pimple creams, pimple patches have also became popular in recent years as they can calm inflammations and speed up healing. Most pimple patches are advised to be used for a couple of hours (or after a good night’s sleep). Results can be seen once peeled off.

If you can be quite particular about a zit or blemish on your face, consider trying one of these quirky (and cute) pimple patches. They can help ease your pimple recovery period and at the same time, make you look cute. πŸ₯°

Squish’s Flower Power Acne Patches (S$19.30)

Squish’s Flower Power Acne Patches are designed to absorb fluid from whiteheads in a non-drying and non-toxic environment. Crystals used in the middle are made from glass and with hydrocolloid to help blemishes come to the surface and pop on its own.

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Truly Beauty’s Heart Acne Patches (S$13.80)

Truly Beauty's Heart Your Imperfections pimple patch (The Female Culture)
Photo Credit: Truly Beauty
Truly Beauty's Heart Your Imperfections pimple patch (The Female Culture)
Photo Credit: Truly Beauty

Truly Beauty’s #Heart Your Imperfections acne patches is said to be a rich and hydrating moisturiser packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Simply put it on for a minimum of six hours and watch it do the work.

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Starface’s Hydro Stars Acne Patches (S$27.30)

Starface acne patches - The Female Culture
Photo Credit: Starface

Starface’s star-shaped acne patches are also made up of hydrocolloid, a substance used in surgical dressings that have been proven to speed up zit healing. These star stickers can speed up the acne recovery process, extract pimple pus and block foreign bacteria.

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Squish Beauty, Truly Beauty

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