Estheclinic Takes Us On Their Fat Freezing Treatment

If you are looking for an aesthetic clinic that has won multiple awards and been around for quite a bit, Estheclinic is the place to go. Founded in Paris in the 90s and with at least 20 years of experience, Estheclinic prides themselves on being able to provide body treatments that are minimally invasive and painless.

Since I have never gone for any aesthetic treatments before, I was very excited to try out their treatment. I chose EstheCryo Fat Freezing, which is a 90-minute full body contouring treatment that targets specific areas of your body. This treatment uses advanced French patented cryolipolysis technology, that focuses on the excess stubborn fat in your body.

Upon entering their East Coast outlet, I immediately noticed how minimalistic the whole interior was, and I also took the time to appreciate the fact that since it was a small outlet, it was a lot less intimidating for me than I was expecting it to be.

Fat freezing treatments target your fat cells, where they are frozen by the technology used. Once the cells are crystallised, these cells are then absorbed by the body, which then recognises these cells as ‘dead cells’, and proceed to flush them out of your body.

After an in-depth consultation with their outlet manager, I decided to target my lower belly area. It was explained that if someone did not have a sufficient amount of fat in the desired area, it is not advised to proceed with the treatment. She did a brief analysis of my lower abdomen area, we both decided that there is indeed enough fat in my lower belly for me to continue with the treatment! *laughs in flab*

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Upon entering the room, the bed and the EstheCryo machine are the first things you will see. A towel-like tube, towel and disposable panties were provided. The therapy room (the whole clinic, in fact) has a very minimalistic interior and gives the whole clinic an overall very simple and clean aesthetic.


First things first, the therapist measured my lower belly fat area and did some markings to determine the area to be worked on, and then once I was on the bed, she cleaned my lower belly area and applied a cold gel product to prep the area for the treatment. Then she continued to attach the device onto the target area, and that’s about it! The rest of the work was all done by the machine itself, and during this time, all I had to do was to lie down and relax while listening to the ongoing music.

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Overall, there were some points in time where I experienced very slight discomfort, but it was a truly painless experience. The area was very cold to the touch when the 90 minutes were up, and the therapist massaged the area afterwards and cleaned off the gel.

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Here’s a look at the device working on my lower belly. There was also a cushion wrapped around the device to ensure it does not move away from the target area, and also a towel to ensure the gel does not get to the other parts of my tummy area.

Body IPL Whitening for Underarms

After the EstheCryo treatment, I also experienced their Body IPL Whitening for my underarms. Unlike the EstheCryo, this whitening treatment only lasted for 10 minutes on each side of my armpits, which was actually done really effectively and quickly. Again, this treatment is also painless and non-invasive as well.


It was a very eye-opening experience into the aesthetic world. Personally, I have never gone for any aesthetic treatment, so this has been quite a pleasant and interesting experience for me. The staff and manager there were really welcoming, and especially during my consultation with their manager, who has helped me to understand more on the procedures and what to expect.

Once again, if you are interested in losing excess body fat but are just as unmotivated as me, you are encouraged to try out Estheclinic for their body treatments. Be rest assured that it involves no needles and no pain at all.

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