Must Have Fashion Pieces For The Office

Dressing well can be simple if you own a few key fashion pieces to add to your dressing. Check out these staples to add in your wardrobe to look effortlessly good in the office.

#1 Pumps

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Swap out your flats every now and then with some chic footwear! Pumps are always a great way to feel empowered and strong. Instead of black, opt for grey, navy blue or if you’re feeling extra, go wild with neon colors! This will easily bring a simple outfit like jeans and a button up to something a lot more business casual.

If you aren’t confident of wearing high heels, we’d recommend a kitten heel or wedges to get you used to the added height.

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#2 Fitted blazer

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Ever had an important interview or business meeting and wanted to dress to impress? A blazer not only makes you look like a boss-ass b*tch but you get to keep warm too!

Try to look for a blazer without shoulder pads if you don’t want to look too top heavy. We do recommend investing in a nice fitted blazer or purchasing one and heading to your neighbor tailor for a quick nip and tuck.

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#3 Tote bag

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When you’re constantly on the go, you definitely don’t want to be carry a bulky laptop around! While you might adore your mini cross-body bag, save the bag for a weekend brunch and get a large tote bag for your everyday needs!

Don’t feel pressured to go for an expensive bag, rather, go for something you like and can hold all your belongings. Ideally, you’d want to have a bag with wider straps to ease any shoulder pains.

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#4 Statement earrings

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The best thing about earrings is that its so affordable yet can bring your look to the next level! We’re a big fan of accessorizing with subtle yet unique pieces with a hint of bling but we recommend going for items you already like with a pop of color or in a different size.

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#5 T-Shirt bra

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Ever bought a new blouse and worn it excitedly only to realise your bra cups stand out? While your outer pieces are important, it’s also essential to have your base layer done right.

Get properly fitted at your local lingerie shop and look for the t-shirt bra cutting. This will not only smooth out your figure but also make your clothes fit a lot better. Pro-tip: Wireless bras are much more comfortable!

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