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A wife, daughter and new mother. Sherrie Han found herself in a tough position during her first year of motherhood, especially as she tried to juggle between caring for her child and managing the demands of her job as a senior associate at Tzedek Law LLC. Wanting to take a break and break up the pace, Sherrie sought to look for an activity where she could spend an uninterrupted time on new hobby and decided to attend a watch servicing course in October 2019.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Han

Attending the workshop made Sherrie realise that she had a talent in watchmaking and designing. Despite having no prior background in the watch industry, she was motivated to continue learning the trade as a hobby. Whilst Sherrie didn’t consider going into the industry, she reconsidered after a shopping trip for women’s watches left her unimpressed. Whilst the selection for men’s watches ran in the hundreds, Sherrie found that there was no suitable options for ladies that matched the intrigue of men’s mechanical watches that was affordable. She spoke to some watch-industry insiders and found that women didn’t like the available selection of mechanical pieces.

This compelled Sherrie to find a way to bridge the gap between the offerings available for men’s and women’s mechanical watches. In between caring for her child, the budding entrepreneur began prototyping the designs for her own women’s mechanical watch in 2019 and started researching for suppliers and partners worldwide to finally create her own revolution.

Some watches Sherrie designed and manufactured. Photo Credit: Sherrie Han

Sherrie ended up launching a successful kickstarter campaign to open her watch boutique, The Eliana Timekeeper. Lovingly named after her firstborn daughter, the launch was not easy since it coincided with the global pandemic. Despite that, with the support of her family and friends, The Eliana Timekeeper debuted a limited-edition series: the Twilight Glint collection, created for women and produced by her team.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Han

Editor’s note

The Female Culture is a platform for everyday women that features stories of women whom society do not talk enough about. As a female entrepreneur in a predominately male-driven industry, Sherrie’s story is empowering in demonstrating the power of women. If Sherrie’s story inspired you, share your story and reach us at [email protected]

To view some of Sherrie’s designs, do check out her website:

📸 Featured Image: Sherrie Han / The Eliana Timekeeper

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