Fish Leong Confirms Divorce With Husband of 9 Years

It’s official. Fish Leong has just confirmed her divorce with husband of 9 years, Tony Chao πŸ’”

During a new song promotional event held at Syntrend Shopping Mall in Taipei, the Queen of Ballad broke down before she could sing ζ…’ε†·.

After composing herself, Fish addressed the crowd and revealed: “Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. Yes, it’s true. I have finalised my divorce with Tony and we are only left with a few papers.”

To add on, Fish also shared that she will be sharing her 5-year-old son Anderson’s custody with Tony and the two will raise him together.

While this news is heartbreaking, we believe that the end of this marriage marks the start of something new for both Fish and Tony. May they move on and find their own happiness πŸ’–

Photo Credit: Apple Daily, Fish Leong’s Weibo

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