George Floyd Protests: Celebrities Who Spoke Up And Took Action

The United States continue to experience days of unrest as citizens take to the streets to seek justice for George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died tragically after a white police officer pinned him down by the neck with his knee for almost nine minutes.

Among the protesters are celebrities such as Halsey, Yungblud, Tinashe and more.

Halsey and Yungblud Reunite at Los Angeles Protests

Halsey and Yungblud were spotted at the Los Angeles protests on Saturday, holding signs that read “Black Lives Matter”. Halsey was actively tweeting and sharing live updates on the ground and at some point also went on Instagram Live to highlight the chaotic situation.

Halsey and Yungblud spotted at the Los Angeles protests in surgical masks
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“They opened fire multiple times. I was hit twice. Once by pellets and once by shrepnel. We were gassed repeatedly for hours,” – Halsey.

Tinashe Joins Non-Violent Protest in Downtown Los Angeles

Singer Tinashe also revealed on Instagram a series of photos of her in Downtown Los Angeles holding up a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

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Show up.

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On Twitter, the singer explained:

“The protest I participated in yesterday in DTLA was non-violent. We were there to protest police brutality and black lives, period.”

Emily Ratajkowski Walks The Streets To “Dismantle Power Structures of Obstruction”

The model showed her support for the #BlackLivesMatter protest and demands for “killer cops” to be arrested. Along with it is a handwritten sign to “dismantle power structures of oppression.”

Celebrities Pen Down Emotional Thoughts On Social Media

While some celebrities walked the streets to fight for justice, there are many others still living in quarantine who shared their thoughts online.

One of them includes Bilie Eilish. The 18-year-old singer expressed her frustrations on an Instagram post that has since garnered over 4 million likes at the time of writing.

“I have an enormous platform and I try really hard to be respectful and take time to think through what I say and how I say it…But holy f—ing shit I’m gonna just start talking.”

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#justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

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Meanwhile, Selena Gomez revealed that she has “spent the last 24 hours just trying to process this all.” She shares a photo of a “Black Lives Matter” banner and concluded that “we need to do better and not sit in silence as this injustice continues.”

Curfews Defied, Protests Continue To Escalate

Though curfews have been implemented in major cities to curb the unrest, the looting and burning of cars and buildings are still ongoing. To date, tens of thousands of citizens have participated in protests across major cities in the United States, demanding for harsher murder charges and more arrests over the death of Floyd.

Meanwhile, the four officers involved in the George Floyd incident were fired on Tuesday. 44-year-old Derek Chauvin, the man who held Floyd down by the neck, has been taken into custody by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Chauvin is due to appear in court on Monday, June 1.

Ways To Help

Though we are miles away in Singapore, you can help to raise awareness on the #BlackLivesMatter movement by signing the petition here. You may also contribute to the one and only Official George Floyd Memorial Fund, a fundraiser established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counselling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings as Floyd’s family continue to seek justice for him.

Disclaimer: The Female Culture is in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned fundraiser or movement. This article was written to raise awareness on the injustice faced by George Floyd, as well as the years of racism, oppression and injustice that people of colour, especially the blacks, have faced in the United States.

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