Gigi Hadid Finally Confirms Pregnancy For The First Time

Gigi Hadid confirms pregnancy for the first time - The Female Culture

After days of speculation, it is official: Gigi Hadid is pregnant. On April 30, the fashion model confirmed her pregnancy news for the very first time on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Earlier last week, various entertainment news sites such as Entertainment Tonight and E! News reported that the 25-year-old is expecting a child with Zayn Malik. However, the two did not make any official statement until Hadid’s interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking to Fallon, Hadid said: “Obviously, we wished we could have revealed it on our own terms but we are very excited, happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support.”

Gigi Hadid on her 25th birthday celebration and bagel cravings

Hadid was all smiles when asked about her recent birthday celebration. She revealed that she’s been craving for everything bagels. Her cravings was so strong her family even enlisted Buddy Valestro Jr. of Cake Boss to make a bagel-shaped cake for her 25th birthday.

Gigi Hadid celebrates 25th birthday with an epic bagel-shaped cake
Photo Credit: Gigi Hadid (via Instagram)

During the segment, Hadid also shared how emotional she was during the celebration that she “cried every five minutes” at the thought of the special bagel-shaped cake.

Gigi Hadid crying tears of joy at the bagel-shaped cake her family ordered for her
Photo Credit: Gigi Hadid (via Instagram)

Hadid is currently living in quarantine with Malik and her family. With the coronavirus situation developing all over the world, Hadid’s pregnancy is indeed great news. Or as Fallon shared, “it was a ray of sunshine the world needs.”

📸 Featured Image: Gigi Hadid (via Instagram)

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