7 Gothic Nail Arts That Will Inspire You To Join The Dark Side This Halloween

Ladies, have you ever thought of jumping on the gothic/grunge bandwagon?

We’ve always loved the dark, sexy and mysterious vibes Goths gave out. With Halloween around the corner, there is no better time to rock them than now!

We have handpicked seven Gothic nail arts that can help you give out just the right amount of dark spooky vibes. If you’re a fan of all things dark and exotic, try these Halloween nails. Scroll along for our top picks!


Marble Black Nails
Photo Credit: Coinoku

These black marble nails are chic and dark (no shit) but we love how it carries just the right amount of spookiness. Gothic enough? We say yes!


Ombre Black Red Nails
Photo Credit: Nail Designs Journal

What better way to bring out the goth in you other than the perfect blend of black and blood red? This nail art has achieved the perfect blend of two of the most symbolic colours in the world of Goth and we are digging it.

Mysterious and seductive vibes? Check.

P/s: Get your nail artist to sprinkle some glitter on your nails to make them steal the show!


ombre nude black nails
Photo Credit: Coinoku

Stiletto nail shapes are probably one of the best ways to show off Gothic nail arts because of how edgy they look. Give it an extra Gothic touch by painting your nails matte black, which is what Gothic style is all about.


splash spots glossy matte sparkle nails
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Green is commonly used as the colour for poison so if you want to add a touch of colour to your nails and channel your inner Gothic, opt for green!


lace rose nails
Photo Credit: Latestnaildesign

The Victorian era was a major inspiration for Gothic fashion and it still lives on today. Think black laces, flowers and more.

What better way to bring out the Goth in you than adding a touch of laced roses on your nails?


sharp elegant nails
Phtoto Credit: Womenpicworlds

Don’t these nails look dark yet elegant?

If you’re super blings but am unsure of how you could achieve the perfect Gothic nails, try this!


red splash dot black glossy nails
Photo credit: Pinterest

If you want something simpler, you could always go for black glossy nails with red for the extra tinge of horror. After all, you are going for the kill this Halloween, yeah?

Love these nail designs? Remember to save your favourites so you can show your manicurist the next time you get your nails done!

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πŸ“·: Featured Image: Hair, Nails and Skin (via Pinterest), Coinoku

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