With the past year keeping most of us indoors, Hydeout: The Prelude is a revolutionary online music festival to quell restless music lovers. Featuring artists such as DJ Snake and Rita Ora, the event also promises to be a one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment platform. With exciting new features like avatar customisations, chat rooms and games, users can fully immerse themselves in a world with limitless possibilities and even connect with their favourite artists!

Besides the option to change avatar skins, users can also play games to earn HydeCoins and unlock artist episodes and avatar outfits. They currently have three virtual Hyde.Games – Hyde.Flight, Hyde.Chase and Hyde.Chef.

Users can also connect with fellow music lovers through the chatrooms.

In addition, attendees can stream anytime, anywhere with video-on-demand and watch over 50 performances or simply explore three virtual worlds and uncover new locations. (PS: Try to spot one of Singapore’s attractions in one of the worlds!)

If you’re interested to attend Hydeout: The Prelude, there are two season passes to chose from:Pay-as-you-go pass

Pay-as-you-go pass: This is a free pass but there will be limited features available:

  • Access to free episodes only
  • Access to one-time 5-minute previews for all episodes (excluding season pass-exclusive episodes)
  • 100 HydeCoins in your virtual Hydeout wallet
  • Personalised avatars
  • Access to games
  • Access to chat rooms

Season pass: US$49.90 for full access without restrictions and features

  • Full access to 40+ episodes
  • Access to season-pass exclusive episodes
  • Unlimited video on-demand playback for one month
  • 1,000 HydeCoins in your virtual Hydeout wallet
  • Personalised avatars
  • Access to games
  • Access to chat rooms

There’s more! As a TFC exclusive, use the code <HYDExTFC> to get 20% off your season pass purchase.

For more information, visit Hydeout at https://www.hydeoutworld.com/

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