Instant Version of “Ram-don” From Award-winning Film ‘Parasite’ To Be Available Globally

Instant ramdon noodles from movie Parasite soon to be available globally - The Female Culture

Director Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning film Parasite may have paved the way forward for South Korean – or even Asian – cinematic but that is not all. Ramdon, the noodles that Chung-sook cooked at the request of the wealthy housewife Yeon-gyo has also become a hot topic with netizens (including Michelle Phan) re-creating them at home.

Ramdon is the combination of udon and ramen, a dish that made its appearance in one of the most nerve wrecking scenes in Parasite.

Global release of instant ramdon noodles

Picking up on the craze, South Korean food company Nongshim has announced that they would be launching an instant version of the sirloin noodles.

Instant ramdon by Nongshim
Photo Credit: Nongshim (via IG)
Instant ramdon by Nongshim
Photo Credit: Nongshim (via IG)
Instant ramdon by Nongshim
Photo Credit: Nongshim (via IG)

Though an official release date is not confirmed, Nongshim revealed that there will be two flavours – โ€œโ€˜Angri-Chapaguri Big Bowlโ€ and โ€œZapramdomaguri Big Bowlโ€.

Appearance of “ramdon” in Parasite

In the scene, the Kim family was seen indulging in food and alcohol in the Park’s family mansion as the latter went on a camping trip, when Yeon-gyo (aka Mrs Park) suddenly called Chung-sook to prepare a bowl of ramdon with steak as they were approaching home.

Photo Credit: Parasite (via screen grab)

Have you tried re-creating your bowl of ramdon? If not, take this circuit breaker period to re-create them at home!

Here’s a simple recipe we found that sounds as yummy as it looks:

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๐Ÿ“ธ Featured Image: Nongshim

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