Dreamy Heart-Shaped Korean LED Mirror To Spice Up Your Room With

If you have a thing for cute mirrors, add this heart-shaped LED mirror to your collection! This dreamy LED mirror was first spotted on popular South Korean e-commerce store 10×10 and has since received much love by South Korean netizens for its pastel, macaron-like colours.

This dreamy LED mirror is not just a mirror. It can also house your everyday accessories and keep them organised!
Photo: 10×10

Available in Turqoise, Baby Pink and Pale Yellow, the LED mirror comes with a flexible stand that allows users to adjust the mirror up to 180 degrees.

Those who need good lighting to go about their daily skincare or makeup routine would be thrilled to know the LED light is adjustable. Simply tap the light bulb symbol to adjust the brightness. It’s as easy as A-B-C!

Photo Credit: 10×10

In case you are wondering – yes, the mirror also comes with a magnifying mirror. Whether you need one to pop that zit or fill in your brows, this mirror’s got you.

Photo Credit: 10×10

If you are one of those ladies who has a lot of accessories or compact makeup products, fret not. This mirror is conveniently equipped with a base stand that ladies can store their everyday accessories at. Now, you no longer have to worry about items rolling off your vanity table!

Photo Credit: 10×10

Apart from how functional it is, can we also talk about how aesthetically-pleasing this mirror looks? In our previous article, we brought up how mirrors can add light and bring energy to the room and act as a handy furniture. How apt!

Photo Credit: 10×10

This heart-shaped LED mirror is currently on sale on 10×10 for 45,000 KRW (~S$51.80). If you are thinking of bringing this mirror home, head over to 10×10 to find out more!

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Featured Image: 10×10

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