Kris, Luhan and Tao Look Back On Their SM Trainee Days on ‘Produce Camp 2020’

kris tao luhan trainee days on produce camp 2020

The much anticipated episode with Kris Wu as guest judge on Produce Camp 2020 (Produce 2020) finally aired last night on May 16, and it was explosive! Besides gracing the show with his appearance, Kris also performed the song Coffee (咖啡) with Luhan live for the first time.

During the mentors stage, Kris also encouraged the Produce 2020 trainees with his song Eternal Love (贰叁).

However, what made us go ‘awww’ the most was when Kris joined Luhan and Tao in the practice room to check out the trainees who were working hard to perform his song Big Bowl Thick Noodles (大碗宽面).

Past EXO members Kris Wu, Luhan and Tao bops their head in unity as
Photo Credit: Screen grab from Produce Camp 2020

Looking back on their trainee days

After the episode aired, the interaction between the three former EXO members trended with the hashtag ‘#KrisLuhanTaoMemories’ making onto Weibo’s hot topic.

Kris started off by asking Luhan and Tao if there is a need to be so strict on the trainees. Tao explained that “it has to be because there are only seven spots”.

At this moment, Luhan suddenly brought up their pre-debut days in SM Entertainment where they went through stricter training; revealing that Tao actually broke down during his first training. (How adorable?!)

This mini “EXO-M reunion” has tugged at the heartstrings of many EXO-Ls, as their favourite idols reunite again on TV for the first time since they left the K-pop group.

Produce 2020 trainees who witnessed the trio on stage together also couldn’t contain their excitement, with some even bursting into tears. Here’s a short clip of their interaction!

First group performance

The special episode also marked the first group performance and battle in Produce Camp 2020. If you missed out on the episode last night, catch the highlights on Produce 2020’s YouTube or watch the full episodes on Tencent Video (Playstore and App Store) or WeTV.

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📸 Featured Image: Produce Camp 2020

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