Laneige’s New Neo Cushion Can Help You Fight Blue Light and Glow All Day

Cult favourite K-beauty brand Laneige has just launched their all-new Neo Cushion series in South Korea. Instead of the usual round BB or CC cushion case, Laneige gave this series a cube-like casing and we are loving it! If you are one of those ladies who enjoys going out with a small bag, rest assured that this Neo Cushion will be able to fit into it with ease.

The Laneige Neo Cushion series are available in both glowy and matte finishes and the casings come in peach and mint. Let us take a look at the collection together!

Neo Cushion: Glow

The all-new Laneige Neo Cushion foundation pact

The Neo Cushion Glow is made up of Laneige’s Liquid Diamondβ„’ and dewy-lasting technology, both of which helps to brighten and create radiant-looking skin that stays moisturised all day.

The dewy-lasting technology in the cushion is also said to be able to help retain moisture in the skin that is seven times stronger than Laneige’s popular whitening BB cushion. Check out that dewy glow!

Before and after images of the glowy Neo Cushion by Laneige.
Photo Credit: Laneige

In case you are wondering, the Neo Cushion Glow comes in seven shades.

Similar to many other K-beauty brands, Laneige’s products are made for East Asians in mind where fair and bright skin are always desired. If you have a darker skin tone, don’t be disappointed. You may check out this list we compiled for shades-inclusive products that you may find useful.

For more information, check out the Neo Cushion: Glow here.

Neo Cushion: Matte

The Neo Cushion Matte is made up of an ultra light formula that is about two times lighter than Laneige’s BB Cushion Pore Control. It also promises to hide skin blemishes, dark circles and most importantly, pores!

Equipped with a long-lasting, sweat-proof and sebum-resistant formula, the Neo Cushion Matte is perfect for ladies who spend long hours outdoors.

The cushion comes just in time when we are all masked up. With the Neo Cushion Matte, it seems like we no longer have to worry about soiling our masks or staining our phones after a phone call!

Photo Credit: Laneige
Photo Credit: Laneige

Similar to the Neo Cushion: Glow series, the matte cushion is also available in seven shades.

For more information, check out the Neo Cushion: Matte series here.

Protects Skin Against Harmful Blue Light from Smart Phones

Photo Credit: Laneige

Another plus point to this Neo Cushion series is that it has just the right amount of coverage to protect the skin from prolonged exposure to blue light from our mobile devices. If you are always on your phone or smart device, make sure you stay protected or risk facing harmful effects of blue light such as skin damage, skin colour changes etc.

Available now on

The all-new Neo Cushion series is now available for purchase on Laneige’s website and stores in South Korea for approximately S$40. There isn’t a release date yet for Singapore but let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that it reaches our stores soon!

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: Laneige

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