Rising5 To Represent SG After Winning Lenovo’s First All-Female Gaming Tournament

History was made on Saturday, Nov 9, when Rising5 won Lenovo and Intel’s first ever all-female gaming tournament Legion of Valkyries over Counter Strike: Global-Offensive (CS:GO).

Before the tournament: The battle ground of the first all-female gaming tournament for Legion of Valkyries
Photo Credit: Lenovo

Rising5 battled against first runner-up 1Percent.SG in an intense best of three match at Lenovo’s flagship store in Funan Mall, of which the former won the first two rounds and was crowned champion. Among the attendees were Team Resurgence, one of Singapore‘s largest esports team.

The team is made up of three Singaporeans and two Indonesians, with all of them having been in the gaming industry for years. Captain of Rising5 Nurlelawati Hussain (IGN: Alel) got into the first-person-shooter (FPS) game Counter Strike when she was 12 thanks to her brother’s influence, but it eventually developed into a passion and she started playing competitively when she was 21.

Forming the team

When asked how the team was formed, Captain of Rising5 Alel shared that her Singaporean team wanted to enrol in the gaming tournament but was short of local female players. Hence, she approached her gaming friends from Indonesia Victoria Irwin (IGN: blizzter) and Nabila Sulthana (IGN: nabbsky).

The winning team for Lenovo and Intel's Legion of Valkyries (Singapore category) posing with their cash prize
Photo Credit: The Female Culture

According to the team, the group was named Rising5 (Republik Indonesia (RI), Singapore (SING)) as they represent the nationalities of the players.

Prior to winning the Singapore title for Legion of Valkyries, Rising5 also competed in the recent World Electronic Sports Game under the South East Asia category and won.

The champion and first runner-up from Lenovo and Intel's Legion of Valkyries (Singapore category) posing with their cash prize
Photo Credit: The Female Culture

As champions, Rising5 walked away with a cash prize of US$1000 while the first runner-up 1Percent.SG took home US$600.

Rising5 would be representing Singapore in the South East Asia category. If they emerge victorious, they will move on to the international stage held in Bangkok, Thailand from December 13 to 15.

Creating opportunities for female gamers

Lenovo and Intel launched the Legion of Valkyries tournament to show their commitment to the gaming community and create additional opportunities for female gamers to showcase their talent on a global platform.

What are your thoughts on the all-new female gaming tournament Legion of Valkyries? Let us know in the comment section.

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