4 Myths On Lifting Weights For Women

Are you avoiding the weights because you’re scared of getting big and bulky? Lifting weights for women can be intimidating especially if you are new to the scene. What are the benefits of lifting weights and does it help you to lose weight?

Here are 4 myths you’ve probably heard before about women lifting weights and why you should quit believing.

Myth 1 – Lifting weights will make you look like she-hulk.

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As a natural woman, lifting weights will make your body lean, stronger, and curvier. Females have much lower level testosterone (a hormone responsible for muscle growth) compared to men, and therefore it is more difficult for females to increase muscular size.

The female bodybuilders that you see have trained for many years to achieve the size and some might use anabolic steroids to assist them. You don’t just wake up having a bodybuilders’ body by hitting the gym 1-3 times a day.

Unless that’s your goal, and you’re training all your muscles groups, six days per week and eating at a surplus. Otherwise, lifting weights will make you leaner, not bulky.

Myth 2 – Muscles will turn into fats if you stop training.

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Muscles and fats are two different physiologically tissue. Your muscles might shrink when you stop working out, but they never turn into fats – period.

An explanation to this myth can be that people continue to consume the same amount of calories during their active days. However, when you stop training, your body does not burn as many calories as before.

Myth 3 – Lifting lighter weight build lean muscles.

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There is a misconception that lightweight is for toning and heavyweight is for bulking. Using lighter weights for higher reps will help to increase muscular endurance, but for a lean and defined look comes from losing body fat.

Now we’re not saying to ditch the lightweight and high reps approach. How you train should depend on your goals and fitness level. We recommend using a variety of reps and weight ranges if your goal is to lose weight.

Myth 4 – Cardio burns more calories than weight lifting.

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Yes, you might burn more calories in an hour-long run compared to lifting weights, but the total caloric burn from the latter would be much higher β€” the reason being an increase in resting metabolism or post-exercise burn. Your body typically stops burning calories within a few hours after a steady-state cardio workout, while lifting weights stops after 48hrs.

But no matter what your goals are, all bodies types are beautiful. ❀️

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