Love & Co. Opens Flagship Store At Changi Jewel

Love & Co. opens its Asia flagship store at Singapore's Changi Jewel

Leading bridal jeweller, Love & Co. recently saw the grand opening of its largest flagship store in Asia at Changi Jewel. The flagship store is home to an exclusive LVC Diamond Concierge thats offers a one-of-a-kind bespoke experience. The flagship store will also feature its new diamond series – Star Carat.

Love & Co. Bespoke Service

Love & Co. Bespoke Service from ring head, bezel, material, prongs

Love & Co., the bespoke service covers eight extensive steps that allows you to physically piece each component together to build your perfect customised ring on the spot.

Step 1: Choose your diamond
Choosing your 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat)

Step 2: Choose your ring head
Halo, four prong head, six prong head and heart-shaped prong head.

Step 3: Choose your prong position
The overall appearance of your diamond may change depending on the position of the prongs.

Step 4: Choose the material of your prong
Rose gold, yellow gold or white gold.

Step 5: Choose your ring band
Traditional, split, pinched, bypass or encrusted with diamonds on the side.

Step 6: Choose the material of your ring band
Platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; pick your desired metal colour and finishing for your engagement ring.

Step 7: Choose your ring bezel
Add a touch of sophistication to your ring with a bezel, Love and Co.’s latest innovation that comes in four beautiful designs.

Step 8: Engraving
Further personalise your ring by engraving message and dates on both wedding bands and bezel.

Love & Co.'s engraving on wedding bands and bezel.
Photo Credit: Love & Co.

A personalised experience starts with an appointment at the flagship store. In the past, customised design can only be shown on a sketch and the rings may not turn out to be what you expect in real. You can now design your ring in 30,000 combinations and see it first hand.

Star Carat โ€” Lab-grown diamond

Love & Co. is the first jeweller to carry lab-grown diamonds. The Star Carat Collection allows you to enjoy a 50% larger carat size at a fraction of the price, and it is more eco-friendly.

The Star Carat Diamonds are optically, chemically and physically identical to their natural counterparts. The Star Carat Diamonds are certified by International Gemological Institute, headquartered in Antwerp Belgium.

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

Honestly, we can’t tell the difference. Can you guess which is the Star Carat diamond and the earth-mined diamond? (The first is Star Carat diamond)

Beyond 4Cs

Love & Co craftsmanship
Photo Credit: Love & Co.

Love & Co.โ€™s latest bespoke service transcends beyond the traditional 4Cs model โ€“ Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. Expanding the scope to 7Cs, with the addition of Confidence (50 quality checks), Customisation and Choice (30,000 combinations).

Drop by Love & Co.’s flagship showroom at Changi Jewel!
You can book your bespoke appointment here or check out their online store here.

๐Ÿ“Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, #01-258, Singapore 819666
โฐ10am – 10pm

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๐Ÿ“ธFeatured image: Love & Co., Changi Jewel

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