Makeup Tips To Look Flawless During CNY 2020

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and that means long hours out of the house. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s essential to know these tips to ensure your makeup looks flawless all day!

#1 Mask, mask, mask

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If you want enviable bouncy skin, we highly recommend putting on a hydrating sheet mask before you put on your makeup! Put the sheet mask as the last step of your skincare routine and leave for 10-15 minutes. Remember to pat the remaining essence into your skin and proceed with your makeup routine as normal.

This way, you’ll find that your makeup goes on smoothly and leaves a subtle glow from within.

#2 Invest in a makeup primer

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If you’re planning to be out all day, a primer is a must-have to ensure your makeup stays on. Using a primer allows your makeup to last and help to smooth skin texture.

Identify your skin type first before picking out a primer. Additional, there are colored primers in the market to help color correct your skin. Green helps to neutralize redness in the skin, purple primer balances skin with yellow undertones while a pink-based primer corrects pale and dull skin.

#3 Setting Spray

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With Singapore’s hot and sweltering weather, having your makeup melt off halfway through the day is a real concern. A setting spray helps to minimize creasing, smudging and keeps your makeup from coming off.

Simply use a makeup setting spray at the very last step of your makeup routine and you’re ready to face your relatives with confidence!

#4 Blotting paper

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It’s hard to carry around compact powder, especially if you’ve decided to carry a small purse. Blotting paper sheets is not only easy to use but also sleek enough to slip into your wallet or bag. Simply use these nifty sheets to get rid of any oily spots.

#5 Liquid Lipstick

Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner (Via Instagram)

Invest in a good lip product so that you don’t have to constantly reapply lipstick whenever you reach out for a snack. Liquid lipsticks are known for being long-lasting and smudge proof and comes in a variety of colors.

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