Malaysian ‘Youth With You 2’ Contestant Joey Chua Shares Heartwarming Message After Elimination

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Competition is stiff on Chinese reality idol survival show Youth With You 2 (青春有你2) with eliminations happening every week. Malaysian contestant Joey Chua (蔡卓宜) is one of those who were unfortunately eliminated, ranking at #25.

Reflecting on her journey in Youth With You 2

Sharing her thoughts with everyone in her latest Instagram post on May 16, Joey said:

Hi, everyone. I’m Joey Chua. Instead of my Editor, I’m back. At the same time, I have also left (Youth With You 2) at rank #25. I’m very thankful for the support I’ve received from my fans as well as those who have come to love me through this programme. I’m really very grateful.

Five months is a period that is neither long nor short. This phase has been really meaningful and special for me. I have experienced things I’ll never experience again. It is fulfilling to be able to have such an experience this lifetime.

I will be sharing my journey in Youth With You 2 in my upcoming vlogs.

Though this journey has ended, a new journey is about to begin and I’m really thankful for that. I’ve spent my life experiencing many interesting things. I will not give up on singing and dancing.

Thank you once again for watching me improve and thanks for those who noticed my progress.

I have many surprises in place for all of you so please look forward to them!

Hello, everyone. I’m Joey Chua from Youth With You 2.

Hello everyone, I’m Joey Chua.

Unforgettable moments on Youth With You 2

Though Chua received a grade ‘F’ for her first stage, she had worked hard to improve her singing and dancing skills and this can be seen in her subsequent performances.

Here’s a look at her first stage performance:

Here’s Chua practicing hard for the theme song:

Here’s Joey Chua being a #badass in the group performance for ‘Ambush on All Sides’:

Here’s a look at her final performance:

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📸 Featured Image: Joey Chua (via IG)

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