Marie Kondo Launches Online Store KonMari, Selling Everyday Items

Everyone’s favorite decluttering queen Marie Kondo launches everyday items that start from US$8. Spark joy in your life with these elegant and simple designs!

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Marie Kondo, also known as KonMari is known for her best-selling books on sparking joy and organizing items in your life. The Japanese organizing consultant even has a hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, helping everyday people declutter their homes.

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She gained fame from promoting the idea of cleaning out homes of unnecessary items. Now, she has launched a lifestyle blog, aptly named KonMari to promote the delutter lifestyle and an online store.

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One of her more pricer items is the Brass Tool Holder, which retails at US$275. The vase is designed by Oji Masanori to hold kitchen utensils and is striking enough to be used as a vase.

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Other interesting items include cotton rounds (US$20), reusable cotton pads ideal for removing makeup and an overall great alternative to one-time use pads.

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The website sells a range of everyday items from bed linens, kitchen utensils, decorations, organizational tools and of course, her books.

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The online store currently only ships to the US for now and will hopefully hit our shores soon! While many fans have pointed out the steep prices in some of her items, she emphasizes in an interview with Wall Street Journal that she still stands by her philosophy not to purchase items if they do not spark joy.

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