5 Mask-Friendly Eye Makeup Looks To Try

With half of our face covered up thanks to the masking rules these days, it doesn’t mean we have to forgo all makeup – here are five mask-friendly eye makeup looks you can still try, even with a mask on.

#1 Peach Eyeshadow Look

For this look, add a generous amount of peach eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes and using a blending brush, blend the colour inwards so the edges won’t be too harsh. Add a little bit of yellow with a bit of shimmer to bring out the inner corners of your eyes. To add the finishing touch, curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara to open up your eyes. Remember not to neglect your lower lashes too!

Photo Credit: 3CE Stylenanda

This look is extremely wearable literally to anywhere, including school and the office. So don’t worry about your boss judging you.

#2 Gold Glitter Eyeshadow Look

When people hear “gold glitter”, many would think of glamorous wedding makeup looks. However gold glitter isn’t necessarily always over-the-top. It is extremely wearable for casual looks too. Check out this one by this French model here.

Simply apply the gold glitter on the inner corners and centre of your lids and go over your crease with a neutral brown to soften up the look. If you want to further accentuate your eyes, grab your eyeliner and taper it outwards to give it more depth. Again, if you really want to open up your eyes, give your lashes a good curl and coat them with a significant of mascara and you’re good to go! Trust us, this look will bring attention to your eyes over the mask.

#3 Neutral Brown Eyeshadow Look

Seriously, brown is kind of underrated. There are many different shades of brown eyeshadows for us to choose from, so why not play around with it? Show some love to your brown eyeshadows with this look.

Start off with a warm-toned light brown on the centre of your lids and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes too. To give more dimensions to your eyes, you can select a dark shade of brown (or even black) and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes and your lower outer lash line. The reason we want to apply the eyeshadow on our lower lash line is because we don’t want our eyes too look too top-heavy. Applying a small amount of eyeshadow on our lower lash line can help to balance out your eye makeup. Go over your crease with the first warm-toned light brown again and blend all the harsh edges away for a softer look.

Blending is important, ladies! Especially when you’re applying multiple different shades of eyeshadows.

Curl your lashes a little and apply a coat of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Photo Credit: Fashion Week Trends

Tip: If you would like to enhance your eyes, line only the top of your eyes and remember, keep it thin!

#4 Glittery Soft Purple Eyeshadow Look

Refuse to stick with the same old colours that you use every single day? How about purple? Okay, we know that purple may often seem a little challenging especially when you are trying to achieve a really casual look. However, if you have seen YouTube makeup artist PONY’s video, she really managed to make purple extremely wearable. If you haven’t seen her tutorial, you can view it here.

Photo Credit: PONY Syndrome

#5 Gold, Peach and Glittery Pink Eyeshadow Look

Before you get the jitters and turn away from colours that are in this look, hear us out. This colour combination may repel some of you, however, we have to say that this look is extremely wearable. This is one of our favourite looks on the list simply because it does not look too striking at all. Let’s just go over this look together.

On the centre of your lids and the inner corners, apply a desired amount of gold eyeshadow. Now, you would want the gold to be either matte or shimmery, because glittery gold may look too striking. Blend the colour properly and go in with a peach or bronze eyeshadow for the outer corners of your eyes. Blend the product together with the gold and soften all the edges. You would also want to go over your lower lash line with the peach or bronze as well to balance out your eyes. Again, this is to avoid making your eyes look too top-heavy. With a glittery pink eyeshadow (or a pink glitter glue) apply a small amount onto the bottom inner corners of your eyes for that pop of colour. Now you really want to make sure that you apply just a tad bit of the pink. Now we do this to give the illusion of larger looking eyes.

A fan of doll-like eyes? Curl your lashes and give it a generous amount of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Photo Credit: Allkpop

There we have it, the five gorgeous and yet extremely wearable eye makeup looks to try out the next time you leave your house. With a mask on, of course. Remember to stay safe and take care of yourselves, wherever you are.

Know someone who would totally dig these looks or have a bestie that you would like to try any of these looks with? Share this with them now!

๐Ÿ“ธ Featured Image: Pinterest, Fashion Week Trends

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