McDonald’s Singapore To Launch Their First Ever Choco Banana Pie!

McDonald’s fans, you are in for a sweet treat! Come Thursday, October 31, McDonald’s Singapore will be launching their first ever chocolate banana pie!

The fast food giant first teased about the new flavoured pie on Facebook, where a short clip of a moving banana pushing a chocolate bar is seen. Just in case you did not stay long enough for the big review, here’s the official poster.

Official teaser poster for McDonald's Singapore's all-new Banana Chocolate Pie
Photo Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s have been coming up with innovative flavours to stay relevant to consumers all over the world and it’s great to see that Singapore is no exception!

While McDonald’s Japan and McDonald’s Korea have their own Bacon Potato Pie and Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie, we got to enjoy our yummy Coconut Pie, Chocolate Pie and most recently, the White Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie in Singapore.

What are your thoughts on the new Choco Banana pie? Let us know in the comments section~ πŸ‘‡

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