Michelle Phan Is Officially Back On YouTube After A Two Year Break

Michelle Phan was the beauty and makeup YouTuber, who was posting videos even before YouTube was a thing. Her most popular video, “Barbie Transformation Tutorial”, has 67 million views and her channel boasts 8.8 million subscribers. Two years ago, she went on an extended break from YouTube to recharge and pursue other entrepreneurial ventures.

While still active on Instagram, working on her cosmetics line EM Cosmetics and appearing in other YouTuber’s channels, she had not returned to her own YouTube channel, until now.

On 16 September, a 3-minute long video simply titled “Hello :)” was posted.

The video starts with an appearance from her adorable calico cat before she takes viewers along with her as she goes to work. Arriving at the studio, she marvels at the vast amounts of equipment neatly stored and organised and then gives a behind the scenes look at how the video for her new EM cosmetics lip gloss, Morning Dew, is made.

It’s something new and refreshing from Phan and it’s great to see her back on YouTube, the platform on which she created and developed her career upon. It just feels right to see her return. Earlier in June, Phan launched 24/7 Magic Hour Radio, a live music stream of chill beats, a genre that has grown in popularity on YouTube. But that did not signal Phan’s return to YouTube proper and fans were left waiting to see if she would be creating content and posting it on her channel. In previous interviews, Phan was coy about any possibility of a return.

But the wait is officially over, and with a “See You Again :)” ending off this latest video, it’s official that she’s finally back. Her fans couldn’t be happier. In just two hours, the video has amassed over 100,000 views and the comments are filled with fans overjoyed at her return.

Michelle Phan Fans Comments

While for some YouTubers, being away for two years could spell disaster, but not for Phan who has managed to maintain her fan base. Now that she’s back, we can’t wait to see what other content she will be posting.

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