If there’s anything I love more than skincare products, it has got to be skincare products that make us smell -and feel- extra fancy. Launching their newest skincare collection, I present to you the Rose Collection by Milani Cosmetics, with all products in this range infused with natural rose oils.

#1 Rose Lotion Primer (SGD 21)

Keeping optimum skin health at the top of their priorities, the Rose Lotion Primer consists of rose stem cells, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Vitamin B5, the primer promises to deliver instant hydration while simultaneously brightening up your skin and smoothening out your fine lines and pores.

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My first impression of the primer is that it’s extremely lightweight, and that it does not smell artificial at all. Extremely easy to blend, it surprisingly does not feel sticky to the touch. Because it’s such a lightweight formula, one thing to note is that in order to prevent using excess product, be sure to only give the tube a gentle squeeze!

The product sets relatively quickly, so you can be rest assured that your makeup routine will not need to become a race against time.

#2 Rose Face Oil (Prep + Brighten) (SGD 18)

Aiming for dewy-looking skin? Look no further. With a special blend of rosehip, sunflower, apricot, jojoba, almond and moringa seed oils, this face oil is also rich in fatty acids and Vitamins C and A. If you are looking to brighten up your complexion and evening out your skin tone, you will love this product.

Photo Credit: Milani Cosmetics

I love how elegant the bottle looks! Rose gold really does make almost everything look luxurious. The product is really oily, but it does not feel heavy on the skin. This face oil can not only be a step in your skincare routine, because you can apply it during makeup as well. However, we personally don’t like applying this as part of makeup, because it is very oily when first applied. The face oil takes about 15 minutes to dry out, so if you have oily skin, or are in a rush, it is not recommended to use it as part of your makeup routine.

A tip would be to only use one drop of the product on each side of your face and another on your forehead, as it will be more than enough to also be blended onto your nose and chin area as well. For faster absorption, gently pat on the product to pack it into your skin.

Here’s a look at how the product looks on the skin when applied (left), in comparison to without it (right).

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

You can see that the product helps the skin to achieve a subtle glow.

#3 Rose Transforming Lip Balm (SGD 14.40)

Last but not least, we have the rose-tinted lip balm. Extremely nourishing, this lip balm conditions and moisturises your lips with the power of coconut oil, Vitamin E and aloe leaf extract. Enhanced with monkfruit extract that is said to have anti-inflammatory effects, this is the perfect lip balm for chapped lips.

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

Never fully trust a lip bullet colour! Although this balm appears to be a really bright rose colour, rest assure that it only gives your lip a light tint of pink when applied.

This is the perfect lip balm to carry around with you in your bag if you are a victim of chapped or dry lips.

Overall Impression

All in all, I must say that I pretty much love the Rose Collection! I have really sensitive skin, so I am always careful of whatever product I use. I also tend to avoid products with fragrance. Surprisingly, my skin did not react to any of the products here, so that is definitely a plus point for this range. However, if you also have sensitive skin like I do, it is recommended that you test out the products on your hands first, just in case you develop any allergic reaction.

You can purchase the Rose Collection from Milani’s official website, or at Watsons stores here.

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Featured Image: Milani Cosmetics, The Female Culture.

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