Morphe X Coca-Cola: ‘Thirst For Life’ Collection

Considered one of Morphe’s biggest collaborations, they have recently teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce the “Thirst For Life” Artistry Collection, inclusive of a variety of an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, highlighters and makeup brushes.

Check out what’s in store for all you Morphe and Coca-Cola lovers out there.

‘Thirst For Life’ Artistry Palette

This gorgeous palette comes in 18 shades: Fizz, Bubble up, Recognized, The Real Thing, Awaken, Namedrop, Open Up, Cool Story, Always Bright, Good In Red, Pop Culture, Add Life, Happiness, Can Do, Move It, All The Feels, Energetic and Refreshing. You can find that some of them have a shimmery finish, while the others are matte.

The best part of this palette is that it offers you shades that can be used for both daytime and a wonderful night out. How convenient! We never have to fumble for a dozen other palettes anymore while switching up our look.

Photo Credit: Morphe

We also love how every colour in this palette complements different types of skin tone perfectly, without having any of the colours look less vibrant or intense.

‘Lip In The Moment’ Lip Collection

Photo Credit: Morphe

Next in the collection, you can find a set of liquid lipsticks in four different shades: Share (nude pink), Classic Babe (coke-can red), Tastemaker (shimmering caramel), and Overflow (clear with gold shimmer).

These colours are perfect for both a daytime outing or a girls’ night out, just like the eyeshadow palette. Check out the swatches below! *cues squealing*

Photo Credit: Morphe

‘Glowing Places’ Loose Highlighter

Photo Credit: Morphe

Is a look ever complete without adding that extra pop of of iridescence on your face? These highlighters come in three shades: Bubbly Babe, Pop It and Severe Sparkling and they all look equally amazing even on different kinds of skin tone. And again, none of the shades look any less perfect than they do on each different colour of skin. How amazing is that?

Photo Credit: Morphe

These highlighters can be applied on both the face and body as well. Bonus brownie points again!

‘Sweep It Real’ Brushes Collection

Photo Credit: Morphe

The whole collection is completed by none other than seven makeup brushes that come with a clear brush bag. Okay, Morphe is doing everything right with this collection, for real.

The brushes in this set include: Glowing Places Highlighter Brush, High Life Brush (highlighting), Made In The Shade Brush (eyeshadow), Top Secret Camouflage Brush (contour, buffing, concealer), Take Charge Blending Brush, Next Move Transition Brush, Awe In Smudge Brush (smudger brush)

Photo Credit: Morphe

You can tell that Morphe really put a lot of effort into deciding to which brushes to include in this set because whichever brush that’s important in a makeup routine, they are all here. Plus points for their thoughtfulness!

‘The Quench Pack’ Beauty Sponge Collection

Last but definitely not the least… They also released a set of four beauty blenders for all you makeup junkies out there.

This set includes two different kinds of beauty blenders in two different sizes: Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge and Flawless Beauty Sponge.

Ladies, if these products don’t tempt you to add them to your carts immediately, we don’t know what will… We are in love with this collection and especially because so much thought have been put into each product.

You can shop this collection on the Morphe website here.

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